Survivor 2012 Philippines Week 2 Recap: BS and Breakdowns!

Survivor Philippines returns tonight and from the previews we’ve seen, it looks like the BS is getting pretty thick in the ranks of the castaways. Plus, one Survivor 25 cast member, former Facts of Life star Lisa Welchel, looks like she is headed for a full on meltdown.  Will she manage to overcome her outcast status with her tribe? Or will her time on the Survivor Philippines cast be cut way too short? Join us for our  Survivor 2012 Philippines recap and let’s find out if ‘Blair’ has the balls to survive another week!


For Survivor Philippines 2012, the show goes back to its roots. This season the Survivor Philippines cast contestants will be once again split into three separate tribes. They will also be going back after many years to a location that provides the opportunity for tons of water-based challenges, which will probably lead to some serious unhappiness for those who aren’t the best swimmers. Drama!


This post contains Survivor Philippines season 25 spoilers from episode 2. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Last week on Survivor Philippines 2012, 28-year-old Zane Knight was voted out by the Matsing tribe after trying to play every person in the group at the same time. That strategy proved to be a massive fail.

Our ‘celebrity’ players this season also ran into trouble in the Survivor 2012 Philippines premiere episode, although both managed to keep the fire going for at least another week. Former New York Giants MVP Jeff Kent injured his knee right at the start of the game and he’s trying to hide his weakness from his tribe members. Facts of Life child star Lisa Welchel, meanwhile, found herself stuck on the outside edge of her tribe — a bad place to be when it comes time for Tribal Council.

Who was voted off Survivor Philippines this week? Let’s dive right in to our Survivor 2012 recap and find out which tribe ends up on the bottom and who goes home with their million dollar dream crushed into the dirt!

Russel realizes that he pushed too hard last week and he was in serious danger of going home. He vows that he is going to step back and try to be less of a target.

Do we have our first showmance brewing on Survivor Philippines? Angie and Malcolm are curled up together at night, but she says it is only because she is too cold and there is nothing going on. Malcolm also says nothing is going on (but he is attracted to her.) Roxy, however, thinks there IS something going on and it is going to make both of them bigger targets.

RC discovers the clue to the immunity idol inside the rice bag, which is getting nasty and growing mold. Poor Lisa Welchel is standing right next to her, but does not see it. She tells Abi about the clue and they work to make sure Lisa doesn’t find it.

Abi-Maria is not pleased about RC. She thinks RC is getting too buddy-buddy with Michael and their alliance is in danger. Considering RC told her about the immunity idol clue, she should perhaps be a bit more trusting. Or not, this is Survivor!

Jeff is still dealing with a scrwed up knee and he is thankful that all the rain is allowing him to rest. The rain is forcing everyone to hunker down and Jonathan is annoyed as hell because he wants to find the immunity idol. Finally, he gets time alone to search the camp and manages to find the immunity idol clue in the rice bag.

Lisa Welchel struggles to fit in with her tribe members. She is not good with the small talk and can’t seem to make friends. Abi-Maria thinks Lisa is just not able to connect and she is becoming an outsider to the tribe. Lisa is nearing a meltdown as she realizes how badly things are going and she wonders if she should even be there. Poor Lisa. It is hard to be a hardcore fan and then go in and find out that maybe you just can’t cut it yourself on your favorite show.

Over at the Matsing tribe, they have no fire and things are getting very unpleasant. Roxy is losing it in the face of all this terrible weather and she is in tears. Malcom is miserable and more wet than he has ever been. Some of the tribe members are worried about Roxy who has begun reciting bible prayers out loud.

For the second immunity challenge of the season, two castaways from each of the tribes have to haul a sled to collection various pieces of a puzzle and then it has to be put together. The winning tribe will collect immunity, blankets, pillows and a rope. The second place tribe will collect immunity, a tarp and rope as a reward.

Tandang leads the challenge from the start but Matsing is hot on their tale. In the end, they just can’t catch up though and Tandang takes the win. Kalabaw manages to pass Matsing and ends up with second place. Matsing is headed off once more to Tribal Council.

Russell is pissed off that he thinks Roxy and Angie didn’t give their full effort to the immunity challenge. Still, he needs Roxy to stay in as his ally. So he and Roxy talk and they are going to target Angie. Later, Malcolm and Angie discuss how the snuggling at night thing might have done them in. Denise is the deciding vote, but she isn’t sure what to do. She is allied with Malcolm but she doesn’t want to end up as the third wheel. However, she really does not like Roxy.

Time for Tribal Council and host Jeff Probst gathers the losing tribe together. Russell tells Jeff that he is very intense. Roxy says that she thinks her tribe mates are pushing too hard. Angie wants to have cookies. Yes, cookies. Angie, seriously? Roxy tells Jeff she thinks Malcolm and Angie are getting it on. Malcolm says that is BS. Roxy calls Angie a “boobie trap” — ha ha.

The votes are in and the immunity idol is does not emerge. Apparently no one likes a paranoid biatch as the votes are 3 to 1 to eliminate Roxy. Bye bye Roxy!

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