Who Won Survivor 2012 Philippines: Winner Revealed!

The Survivor Philippines finale is over and the winner has finally been revealed! Who won Survivor Philippines 2012? Which of the four castaways–Lisa Whelchel, Mike Stupin, Malcolm Freberg or Denise Stapely–were you rooting for to grab that huge million dollar prize? We have the final results for you here in our live recap from Sunday night’s special two-hour special finale show! So keep on reading to find out who won Survivor 2012 Philippines and if your favorite castaway just added a million bucks to their bank account!



This post contains Survivor 2012 Philippines spoilers from week 13. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was voted off Survivor Philippines this week!

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Survivor 2012 Finale Recap: Who Won Survivor Philippines!

Who won Survivor Philippines 2012 will finally be revealed tonight in a two-hour special Sunday finale. Final four castaways Lisa WhelchelDenise Marie Stapely, Mike Skupin and Malcolm Freberg can almost taste that million dollar prize, but only one of them can be the Survivor Philippines winner. Who won Survivor 2012 Philippines? Join us for our live Survivor Philippines finale recap right here and find out with us!

Survivor season 25 comes to a close tonight and someone will be walking away with a cool million and the title of Survivor Philippines winner. Which of the final four castaways will be the one who won Survivor 2012 Philippines? Well, if you haven’t been reading up on any Survivor spoilers, join us for some speculation before our live Survivor Philippines recap begins.

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