Is Twilight’s Taylor Lautner the Next Big Action Star?

Twilight: New Moon star Taylor Lautner will reportedly be kicking ass and taking names in the upcoming action movie Cancun. The Twilight saga hottie will rely heavily on his background in martial arts training for the new action flick, which will be produced by Twilight film studio Summit Entertainment.

Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner

Cancun will tell the story of a young man who loses his dream of becoming an elite soldier due to an injury. Instead, Taylor Lautner’s character will head off to college. During a spring break trip in Cancun, his friends are kidnapped by evil drug runners and he’ll have to use his mad martial arts skills to rescue them.

“We wanted to continue working with Taylor and feel he’s got the chops to become a big action star,” production partner Wyck Godfrey said. The movie is expected to start filming by mid 2010.

Sounds a bit cheesy really, but we’re sure the film will probably include a lot of muscular action and probably some shirtless Taylor Lautner all over the place. So, really, little to no actual plot is probably not the important.

Lautner is also starring in the upcoming flick Valentine’s Day, set for release in February. The Twilight star is also reportedly closing in on a deal to play a superhero based on the Max Steel comic book.

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