Taylor Swift on ‘Saturday Night Live’ – VIDEO

Taylor Swift on Saturday Night Live last night was a unexpected treat. Swift obviously had a blast poking fun at the whole Kanye West controversy, lightly dissing ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and teasing about rumors she is dating Twilight star Taylor Lautner in her opening monologue.


Unlike many SNL hosts, Taylor Swift actually wrote her own intro, which may explain why it was actually good for a change. (Hint: You seriously need some new writers SNL.) Also in a seldom-done twist, Swift served as both host and musical guest.

Taylor Swift also proved an able actress on SNL, especially in her quite amusing portrayal of Kate Gosselin in a spoof of The View. She also paid homage to those Taylor Lautner dating rumors again during an SNL Digital Short parody of Twilight.

Check out the monologue from Taylor Swift on SNL below.


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