Teen Sailor Abby Sunderland Reality Show?

The parents of formerly lost at sea teen sailor Abby Sunderland are denying the family will be starring in a new reality TV show. The family was reported to have signed a deal for a reality TV series, but a spokesman for the family says no such show is currently in the works.

Teen sailor Abby Sunderland (publicity photo)
Teen sailor Abby Sunderland (publicity photo)

Teen sailor Abby Sunderland was rescued in the Indian Ocean after failing in her attempt to sail solo around the world. Sunderland sent out a distress signal on Thursday after her small boat was battered in a nasty storm. She was rescued two days later.

The 16-year-old girl’s parents, Laurence and Marianne Sunderland, have been widely criticized for allowing their daughter to attempt such a dangerous journey. Abby’s older brother Zac Sunderland currently holds the record for the youngest person to ever sail around the globe. He accomplished the feat at 17.

Laurence Sunderland, Abby’s father, reportedly told the New York Post he had pitched the idea of a reality show about his family, but no deal was ever signed. Kind of makes you think of that whole Balloon Boy thing in some way doesn’t it?

The website for a company called Magnetic Entertainment currently lists plans for a reality show based on the Sunderlands  and a documentary on Abby Sunderland, but no one from the company has commented so far on whether plans for either continue to go forward.

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