Sarah Jessica Parker: NOT A Fashion Icon

Sarah Jessica Parker is insane if she thinks we’re buying the “fashion icon” crap from her anymore. Horsey has shown up in some whacked-up outfits, including hats from the Dr. Seuss collection, and the press just laps it up. Well, not HERE, SJP.

Wearing your gramma’s sweater over her pillowcase, with a knee-length body-girdle over fishnets, and shoes from Terminator.…No. Just no. Only certifiable idiots will call this “fashion.” We are in a recession, and the papz can’t afford to buy new lenses every time you step out and shatter them. There is nothing in the bailout for replacement camera lenses. So fire the stylist…or HIRE a stylist, and do your part to pitch in. It’s the patriotic thing to do.