Jessica Simpson Still Yammering Onstage About Tony Romo

Jessica Simpson continues to subject concert-goers with TMI about her relationship with Tony Romo. Obviously Jessica STILL hasn’t read The Rules, because she is still smashing every one of them. Jennifer Aniston Jr. played the Texas State Fair in Dallas last night, and Tony showed up with his hurt pinky. Most of the fans were snapping pics of Tony…not Jessica. The reviewers all say the show was PAINFUL. This may have actually helped Tony out. The brain can only process one painful thing at a time, so Tony’s hurtin’ ears could get him back in the game for the Dallas Cowboys! What pinky injury?!

Jessica blabbed on about her love life to a crowd more interested in watching Tony, complete with 12 police guards, walk back and forth from a sound booth to backstage. It took Jess only three songs to offer up this piece of schmaltz: “Someone who calms the storms in my life. No matter what I go through, I know that I can depend on him.”

Dallas is Jessica’s hometown, so it’s pretty bad when the Dallas Morning News says this:

…It all goes south from there, folks. Watching and listening to Ms. Simpson sing convinces you that she’s a great tabloid celebrity. There isn’t much else there. For her, emoting equates to belting. Then there’s “You’re My Sunday,” which she dedicated to Mr. Romo. “This is a song I wrote about that special someone who throws a football really good,” she said. That line was better than the insufferable tune it described.

Yowch. But maybe it will help out the Cowboys.