Bachelor Jake Pavelka Nervous Over Season Premiere

Bachelor Jake Pavelka managed to keep the nerves at bay during filming for the season premiere of the reality show – until the first bachelorette showed up. Jake Pavelka, who stars in the newest season of The Bachelor, says he wasn’t nervous until the moment his first prospective mate stepped out of the limo. “Rozyln, the first bachelorette of the night — very elegantly — stepped out and approached me. My tie became a snake around my neck. I was so nervous!”

Jake Pavelka
Jake Pavelka

Pavelka blogged about the first night and first elimination round of the new Bachelor — dubbed The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love — season on “The evening just flew by. There were some extremely wonderful and memorable women that went home the first night but after the evening was over, I was very confident that I had made great choices.”

“I am genuinely here to find my best friend, fall in love and get married,” Pavelka told the ladies when they arrived. At the first Rose Ceremony, Pavelka expressed regret for having to send some of the ladies home. “This is really, really tough. I want to say tonight if you don’t receive a rose, it’s nothing personal. I thank each and every one of you for being yourself.”

While in general we find The Bachelor to be rather insipid television fodder, Pavelka actually comes across as kind of a nice guy. Of course, television can always be deceiving, but we wish him luck in finding that perfect girl for the final rose.

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