Ali Walks Out on Bachelor Jake Pavelka

Last night on The Bachelor, fans were shocked when one of the ladies favored to win Jake Pavelka‘s heart walked out. Ali, a strong fan favorite, told Jake she had to make a tough choice and unfortunately, he got the short end of the stick.

Ali from 'The Bachelor' (ABC)
Ali from 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

“I have like the most impossible decision to make right now,” Ali told The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka before the rose ceremony. “I just found out that I have to choose between staying here and going back to work.”

Ali pushed Pavelka to give her a reason to choose him over her job. “I can’t believe that I have to make this decision, I haven’t made up my mind. The reason I’m here, coming to you right now, is because I wanted to let you know, and I’ll need you to help me,” Ali said.

Pavelka refused to be tied down to any kind of commitment, despite his seemingly strong emotional response to her announcement. “I can’t right now guarantee you that I’m going to put a ring on your finger, but I can’t look you in the eye and tell you that I’m not going to,” he said.

With no commitment from Pavelka, Ali decided she had to return home to keep her job. Pavelka said he was wrecked when Ali walked out. “When she told me she was leaving, my heart stopped,” Pavelka wrote on his People blog. “I wish I could’ve had Mike Tyson punch me square in the jaw, because it would have felt so much better than what I feeling as I watched AliCat drive away that night.”

Previews of upcoming shows hint that Ali may not be gone for long. In our never humble opinion, we find it all a bit odd really. Especially since all that crying seemed just a bit like a scene out of a bad soap opera. Ali’s employers had to know how long she was going to be gone to do the show. So why exactly the whole sudden threat of losing her job if she stayed? Was the whole bit staged to ramp up some drama for the show?

If Ali does come crawling back, proclaiming she was totally wrong for choosing her job over Jake and proclaiming that he is more important than anything else in her life – wouldn’t that just be the perfect set up for Ali to end up taking the final rose? Or it could be a nice staging for Pavelka to go all dramatic on Ali about her walking out on him and send her packing off for good – that would make for good TV too. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Bachelor Jake Sends Four Ladies Packing in One Night

The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka wasn’t playing nice on Monday night’s show. Pavelka sent a total of four hopeful ladies packing in one night in one fell swoop. Obviously, this bachelor has no interest in messing around with any girl he feels doesn’t quite match up to his ideal dream girl.

Bachelor Jake Pavelka (ABC)
Bachelor Jake Pavelka (ABC)

Jake Pavelka first sent home 30-year-old hair stylist Ella and 26-year-old flight attendant Kathryn. After a shared date with both ladies, he told Ella that although she was “truly the complete package,” he was “developing feelings that are just a little bit stronger for some of the other women.” As for Kathryn, Pavelka said his heart was telling him he was just not the guy for her.

As both girls exited, Pavelka threw the roses in the fire and said, “I know in my heart that neither Kathryn nor Ella was the right girl for me.” We kind of feel bad about Ella leaving, she honestly seemed like she might be a tiny bit more than a shallow, vapid, cardboard cutout excuse for a human being. Not something we can say about most of the other girls on the show.

The big shock came during the rose ceremony at the conclusion of the show. Jake Pavelka asked if he could choose to send home two more ladies instead of just one. Host Chris Harrison told him he could do what he felt was best.

Pavelka promptly sent home 25-year-old cosmetic sales manager Jessie and 25-year-old account manager Ashleigh. Oddly enough, Pavelka kept 25-year-old Vienna, a choice that annoyed some of the other ladies. “Why Vienna?” Jessie asked. “He shocked everyone in there… I think he’ll regret it.”

Four ladies get the boot (ABC)
Four ladies get the boot (ABC)

Ashleigh was seriously pissed by the choice, saying that if “he can’t see what kind of person Vienna is over me, then I pity him.”

We kind of have to agree there. We’d have booted Vienna out the first chance we got. That woman comes across as a viper just waiting to sink her poisonous teeth into someone.

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Bachelor Jake Pavelka Nervous Over Season Premiere

Bachelor Jake Pavelka managed to keep the nerves at bay during filming for the season premiere of the reality show – until the first bachelorette showed up. Jake Pavelka, who stars in the newest season of The Bachelor, says he wasn’t nervous until the moment his first prospective mate stepped out of the limo. “Rozyln, the first bachelorette of the night — very elegantly — stepped out and approached me. My tie became a snake around my neck. I was so nervous!”

Jake Pavelka
Jake Pavelka

Pavelka blogged about the first night and first elimination round of the new Bachelor — dubbed The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love — season on “The evening just flew by. There were some extremely wonderful and memorable women that went home the first night but after the evening was over, I was very confident that I had made great choices.”

“I am genuinely here to find my best friend, fall in love and get married,” Pavelka told the ladies when they arrived. At the first Rose Ceremony, Pavelka expressed regret for having to send some of the ladies home. “This is really, really tough. I want to say tonight if you don’t receive a rose, it’s nothing personal. I thank each and every one of you for being yourself.”

While in general we find The Bachelor to be rather insipid television fodder, Pavelka actually comes across as kind of a nice guy. Of course, television can always be deceiving, but we wish him luck in finding that perfect girl for the final rose.

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Rejected ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Melissa Rycroft Married at Last

Rejected The Bachelor contestant Melissa Rycroft finally snagged her man this past weekend. Rycroft and insurance agent Tye Strickland married on Saturday in Mexico.

Melissa Rycroft
Melissa Rycroft

Melissa Rycroft and The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick got engaged in the finale of the show’s 13th season. Rycroft was in for a shock, however, when Mesnick later dumped her on television in favor of runner-up Molly Malaney. Rycroft went on to appear on Dancing with the Stars and work as a correspondent for Good Morning America.

Rycroft may have been burned by love on The Bachelor, but she soon found a new beau in insurance agent Tye Strickland, whom she met at a friend’s birthday party. The two had previously dated before Rycroft appeared on The Bachelor and finally became engaged in June. “Tye and I picked right back up,” Rycroft said in announcing the couple’s engagement. “He’s my best friend.”

Jason Mesnick, meanwhile, announced his engagement to Molly Malaney last October. Mesnick told People magazine he is happy for Rycroft and said “she ended up with the person she was meant to be with.”

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Bachelor No More – Jason Mesnick Engaged to Molly Malaney

The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick has finally popped the question to second-choice girlfriend Molly Malaney. Mesnick initially rejected Malaney on The Bachelor for ‘winner’ Melissa Rycroft, only to change his mind after the finale.

Jason Mesnick & Molly Malaney on 'The Bachelor'

Last fall, Jason Mesnick sent Molly Malaney home on the finale of The Bachelor, selecting Melissa Rycroft as his chosen mate-to-be. In the follow-up After the Final Rose special, however, Mesnick shocked Bachelor fans by announcing he had made a mistake in choosing Rycroft.

After publicly dumping Melissa Rycroft on national television, Mesnick launched a long-distance relationship with the formerly rejected Molly Malaney. Mesnick currently lives in Seattle, while Malaney resides in Milwaukee.

According to People, Mesnick proposed to Malaney while on vacation with the department store buyer in New Zealand. The couple allegedly returned to New Zealand, where Mesnick originally dissed Malaney in favor of Rycroft so he could “do what he should have done the last time he was here and ask Molly to marry him.”

The couple reportedly landed the trip to New Zealand as part of a promotion for Tourism NZ. Malaney was allegedly thrilled over the proposal and accepted immediately.

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The Bachelor Faces Jimmy Kimmel: Video

Commitment-challenged Bachelor Jason Mesnick’s appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel riled Jimmy up! Jason, the first single-dad Bachelor, did a switcheroo last night on the finale of the show. He pissed off fans of the reality show- including Jimmy, by proposing to Melissa Rycroft… only to dump her for the other finalist, Molly Malaney. Of course, fans had been warned SOMETHING was up in the heavily rotated trailers for the show.

Following the finale, viewers learned on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose (!) that Jason couldn’t get Molly out of his head. Melissa didn’t take it very well. Molly and Jason are now sortof together. Blerg.

Kimmel schools Jason in the ways of women, after the Batch said Melissa would probably still be his friend. Heh. Jimmy assures him that “No she won’t!” What a stunt. There will probably be more of this shizz from these three (four if you count the kid) for those of you attempting to forget about the DOOM on the other channels.

Carrie Underwood Bags A Stork

Oooh, there’s another reason to give a good-natured GRRR to Carrie Underwood today! Seems the country sweetheart is dating Dr. Travis Stork, one of Nashville’s MOST eligible bachelors…and a former “Bachelor” himself in 2006. Travis is finishing his residency at Vanderbilt University, and has been an ER doctor for awhile. His latest television venture calls the ER Doc and his colleagues ‘America’s medical dream team’. His fellow docs include Dr. Jim Sears, Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr. Drew Ordon. Their show began in September. MANY a single Nashville girl has had an “emergency” requiring a Vandy ER visit in hopes of being treated by the sweet, handsome Dr. Stork.

There were sightings of the two several weeks ago, but it seems they’ve come out in the open with their relationship. They’ve been spotted out and about several times, and were in New York recently. The Associated Press reports that Stork presented her with a diamond ring on a necklace Monday night, and that Carrie’s given Travis unlimited backstage passes to her shows.

Okay, Underpants, lets try not to mess THIS one up. Travis is a great guy, and isn’t into DIVA. So try to keep your Underpanties out of a wad if things aren’t always PERFECT. Life’s funny that way. Roll with it, and be thankful a guy with so much going for him is smitten with you. Treat him right, or you’ll piss off a whole lot of your demographic in Nashville. ‘Cuz we LOVE our Dr. Feelgood!