Biggest Loser Winner Massive Weight Loss: Trainers Not Talking

After The Biggest Loser 15 winner Rachel Frederickson weighed in at just 15 lbs on the season finale, a mass outcry arose that she’d lost too much, too fast. Even we couldn’t help but ponder on whether going from a size 20 to a size zero in just a few short months was healthy.

The Biggest Loser 15 Top 3

The Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson was quick to reassure everyone her weight loss was all natural and there was nothing wrong, even though being just 105 lbs at 5 foot 5 puts her strongly in the underweight category according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Fredrickson Defends Huge Weight Loss

After watching who won The Biggest Loser 15 last night, we started to wonder whether perhaps winner Rachel Fredrickson might have lost too much weight. At The Biggest Loser finale on Tuesday night, Rachel weighed in at just 105 lbs, losing 155 in total during her time on the show.

The Biggest Loser 15 Winner Rachel Fredrickson

Even trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels looked stunned when Rachel walked up to the scale for her final weigh-in. Viewers could hear Jillian saying “oh my god” repeatedly over Rachel’s astonishing transformation.

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Who Won The Biggest Loser 15? Final Results! 1/4/2014

After a long, grueling season, it is finally time to find out who won The Biggest Loser 15! No matter which of the three finalists ended up being The Biggest Loser 15 winner, we think all of them did an amazing job. So give a big round of applause to Rachel Fredrickson, Bobby Saleem, and David Brown for going all the way and never giving up.

Who Won the Biggest Loser 15

Just take a look at these amazing The Biggest Loser 2014 before and after shots of the season 15 top 3 contestants! We honestly just don’t know how they manage to loose this much weight even with the crazy amount of working out they do. Hats off to them all though for facing their inner demons and being the last three standing at The Biggest Loser 15 finale.

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Biggest Loser Winner Drops 129 lbs, Can’t Wait to Wear Bikini

The Biggest Loser winner Olivia Ward lost an astounding 129 pounds to take victory on the show’s season 11 live finale last night. The opera singer just barely managed to edge out her own sister, Hannah Curlee, who came in second with a total weight loss of 120 pounds. Ward weighed in at 261 pounds at the start of the season.

Olivia Ward before and after - ABC

“For such a long time, I didn’t even let myself imagine winning,” Olivia Ward told People magazine. “I will say the last few weeks I was really pushing towards the finish line and I thought about that confetti!”

Well, we probably would have been thinking about that massive $250,000 prize money instead — but that wouldn’t be nearly so humble to say. Ward says she’s very excited about the prospect of finally being cast for those ‘sexpot roles’ instead of the humorous or matronly roles she has previously been saddled with. To which, we have to say, there are ‘sexpot’ opera roles? We had no idea…

New career opportunities aside, Ward is also thrilled to get her new slimmer bod to the beach as soon as possible. “I’m so excited to try on a bathing suit and not want to kill myself first,” Ward told Us Weekly after the finale last night.

In a true act of love, Ward’s husband also dropped over 100 pounds while his wife was slaving away to lose weight on the ranch. Now that, honey, is a man you want to keep!