Eddie Cibrian Injured Just Hours After The Playboy Club Cancelled

You just know it was a lousy day for Eddie Cibrain on Tuesday. First he was injured on the set of his new show The Playboy Club, in which he plays the male lead. To add insult to injury, NBC announced just a few hours before that The Playboy Club had been cancelled after only three episodes. Ouch!

Eddie Cibrain was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital hospital on Tuesday night after his foot was reportedly caught under a 200-lb steel door. Cibrain was lucky to receive only a nasty gash on his right heel and was quickly released from the hospital.

Cibrain’s wife, country music star LeAnn Rimes, posted a note on Twitter saying her husband was hurt but fine. “My husband is hurt… stitches in his Achilles! Going home… nurse Le on the red eye. No (crutches) just HUGE stitches,” Rimes said. “Thanks everyone for your well wishes about Eddie. He’s in bed and ok. Much love.”

Just a few hours before Eddie Cibrain was injured, NBC made the announcement that The Playboy Club had been cancelled. The ratings for the show were universally abysmal and have continued to nosedive each week. Cibrain played Nick Dalton on the show, a lawyer and Playboy Club keyholder.

Two more The Playboy Club episodes have been filmed and a third was in production, but NBC did not say if they would be aired. According to reports, the production company may continue filming until Oct. 10 and attempt to sell the series to another network.

“Wow. Tough day,” actress Laura Benanti (Carol-Lynn on Playboy) said on Twitter Tuesday. “Best cast, best crew, we deserved more time.” David Krumholz, who played Playboy Club manager Billy Rosen, was also sad to hear the news, responding with a snarky comment on his Twitter feed: “Insulated minds make bad decisions.”