Marge Simpson Nude Playboy Spread – Really?

Fans of animated nudity will no doubt be thrilled by the upcoming semi-nude pictorial spread of Marge Simpson in the November issue of Playboy. Personally, we just think it’s a bit silly.


If you’re going to replace a real woman on the cover of Playboy with an animated babe, there are so many hotter choices than Marge Simpson! How about Jessica Rabbit – hot! Luanne from King of the Hill isn’t bad and she certainly fits the stereotype of brainless blonds doing nude Playboy spreads. At least they didn’t pick Meg from Family Guy – shudder!

In all honestly though, it’s obviously a publicity ploy to try to bring some fresh new blood to the pool of Playboy readers. Playboy CEO Scott Flanders said the mag primarily markets to an audience around the average age of 35 and the company is trying to appeal to a younger age range. The funny thing about that is, most of the people we know that watch The Simpsons are well on their way to mid-life crisis age.

The whole Playboy stunt is designed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons hitting the air. Fans may be a bit disappointed though, because reportedly Marge Simpson won’t be revealing if the carpet matches the drapes…