The Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon Dead At Age 59

It was a sad day in Hollywood yesterday, as The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon died at the age of 59. More and more Hollywood celebrities are dying and it is not fun to write about the celebrity deaths, especially when someone as talented as Sam Simon.

Sam Simon Dies

In 2012, Sam Simon was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and given three to six months to live. He, clearly, beat that diagnosis and in 2014, he announced he would donate $100 million to charity, mostly animal groups.

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Katie Perry finds a more welcoming venue for her cleavage

The whole drama of Katie Perry having her cameo cut from Sesame Street has now been balanced out in the universe by an equal and opposite force: the pop star will take part in this year’s Christmas episode of The Simpsons.  But unlike most guests on the show, Perry will not just be lending her vocal talents to an animated version of herself – she will actually be appearing in the flesh.  This special episode of The Simpsons will feature puppets not too dissimilar from those seen on Sesame Street, and the action will be real rather than animated.  Perry will play a character who gets romantically involved with bar owner Moe Syslak.  Apparently the episode was filmed before the PBS incident, so it’s not any kind of retaliatory action, but the timing is still pretty funny.

Ringo Starr Has Writer’s Cramp

Ringo Starr
made a promise during Brush With Greatness, the 1991 episode of “The Simpsons” he appeared in, that he’d answer every bit of mail he received from fans. Apparently this has resulted in Ringo being buried in a boatload of stuff to sign ever since, and he just can’t take it any more. He’s put the public on notice that he isn’t gonna sign ANYTHING ELSE postmarked after October 20th. So, if you have any Ringo shizz lying around unsigned, better get it in the mail taco pronto. Watch Ringo tell you himself in this video on his website. Ringo’s mailman is NOT gonna like this.

Homer Simpson Tries To Vote For Obama

Well, the Veep debates are over, and Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief that Sarah Palin didn’t look like a moose in the headlights. Early voting is open in the swing state of Ohio, where you can register and vote on the same day! Snarkista’s sure the oversight is cutting-edge as well. Yet, as we all know, things can still go wrong when voting occurs. Here’s Homer Simpson to further enlighten us: