The Walking Dead Spinoff Renewed For Season 2 Before Season 1 Premiere!

Sometimes I am beyond curious to know what TV executives are thinking, but The Walking Dead spinoff hasn’t even premiered yet and AMC has already renewed it for a second season! Yup, the spinoff for The Walking Dead is set to premiere this summer, but we will for sure have a Season 2, regardless if it is a flop or not! Check out the details for The Walking Dead spinoff below!

The Walking Dead Spinoff

Like it’s predecessor, it looks like The Walking Dead spinoff series will start with just six episodes for Season 1 and then increase the number of episodes for Season 2. Season 1 is set to premiere this summer and Season 2 will come in late 2016, so it will be there to fill the gaps when The Walking Dead is not on the air!

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“Hell on Wheels” Recap

Did you catch the premier of AMC’s new period Wester drama, “Hell on Wheels.” I missed it but after reading a bit about it, it sounds like one to put on the DVR! It was the second-most-watched series premier, second only to “The Walking Dead,” behind which it premiered. The show is set just after the Civil War and follows  a Confederate soldier on a mission for revenge of the Union soldiers who killed his wife. In the process, the man comes face-to-face with the new nation-wide railroad that’s in the process of being built.

It’s definitely a period of time with plenty of fodder for an engaging and long-lasting drama. And with 4.4 million viewers tuning in on the first night, it’ll likely be around for a while.

Stars include Anson Mount, Colm Meaney and Common, set against a backdrop that is at once “a political pressure-cooker, a violent vendetta-driven drama and a fascinating portrait of an evolving country” according to the Hollywood Insider.