Tiger Woods Car Crash Investigation Continues

The investigation into Tiger Woods‘ car crash last Friday is still ongoing, with Florida police still frustrated by the golf legend’s refusal to speak to them. Speculation about the crash still continues to focus on whether Woods suffered injuries to his face before or after the accident.

Tiger Woods SF

Police investigators reportedly found no blood inside Tiger Woods’ SUV after he collided with a fire hydrant and a tree at his home in Florida. This seems to put doubt on the story by Woods’ wife, Elin Nordregen Woods, that her husband was injured in the crash. Woods was found by emergency responders lying outside the car on the ground, semi-conscious, with bloody injuries to his face.

Elin Woods told police officials she smashed in a window of the vehicle with a golf club in order to free her husband from the car, but her story reportedly altered somewhat in the telling to various law enforcement officials.

Rumors continue to fly that Tiger Woods and his wife were engaged in a nasty argument over recent tabloid reports the golfer had an affair with New York hostess Rachel Uchitel. Tiger Woods’ neighbors Jerome and Linda Adams, who called 911 to report the accident, claim they saw no evidence of any argument or domestic violence at the scene. In a statement to the Orlando Sentinel, the neighbors also said they saw no indication alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident.

We personally still kind of like the image of Elin Woods chasing Tiger Woods down the driveway beating on him and his car with a golf club over his alleged affair, causing him to whack into various objects in an attempt to flee. At this point though, that’s just an entertaining bit of speculation.

Police are still reportedly pursuing the case to see if they can uncover any kind of cover-up concerning a possible domestic violence situation or other cause for the accident. However, the Florida Highway Patrol has denied they are currently seeking a warrant for Tiger Woods’ medical records and other possible evidence.

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