Tiger Woods Tantrum Video – Bad Form?

Golf legend Tiger Woods lost his temper and threw a tantrum at the Deutsche Bank Championship on Friday and now the video of the incident has gone viral. Was Woods’ loss of temper just a normal response to a bad day? Or should the golf icon be more careful about keeping his anger in check?

Tiger Woods, photo by: Molly A. Burgess
Tiger Woods, photo by: Molly A. Burgess

The trouble started during the first round of the Deutsche Bank Championship. Teeing off on the fifth hole, Woods muddled his shot. In a never-before-seen display of temper on the golf course, Tiger Woods got riled up and launched his club across the course. Yelling, apparently to himself, Woods shouted “Release the club!” and walked away – leaving caddie Steve Williams to retrieve the projectile.

The Tiger Woods tantrum caught on video has fans asking if this kind of behavior on the golf course crosses the line. Woods isn’t the first golfer to lose his temper in front of the cameras, but his status as a role model for younger players means even a small lapse in judgment can easily be blown out of proportion.

Check out the video for yourself. Do you think Woods went too far in expressing his displeasure for all the world to see?