Porn Star Devon James is Tiger Woods Newest Alleged Mistress

Another porn star has stepped out of the smutty shadows to claim she had an affair with golf legend Tiger Woods. Adult film actress and professional escort Devon James claims she and another woman had a threesome with Tiger Woods and the two women were paid $4,000 for the experience.

Devon James (Publicity Photo - Source:
Devon James (Publicity Photo - Source:

In an interview on the Bubba the Love Sponge AM radio show on Tuesday, 29-year-old Devon James claimed she had an ongoing affair with Tiger Woods for over two years. James said she kept silent about the affair until now because she felt “sorry” for the golfer.

Woods allegedly told James that his wife, Elin Nordegren, did not want to have sex very often. The golfer also reportedly sent James racy text messages similar, she claims, to those he allegedly sent to former porn star Joslyn James.

We just can’t help but wonder when the alleged Tiger Woods mistresses are going to stop crawling out of the woodwork? Woods may be a cheating sleazebag, but it becomes more obvious every day this guy really did have some kind of serious sexual addiction problem.

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Tiger Woods – Steroids to Blame for Sex Addiction?

Could steroid use be partially to blame for Tiger Woods‘ apparent sex addiction? That theory may be a stretch, but it does turn out one of the legendary golfer’s doctors is being investigated by the FBI for providing performance-enhancing drugs to athletes under his care.

Tiger Woods on steriods?
Tiger Woods on steriods?

Dr. Anthony Galea, a sports medicine specialist who treated Woods for his 2008 knee injury, is currently being investigated for possibly providing athletes with human growth hormones (HGH). Galea is also being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for “smuggling, advertising and selling unapproved drugs,” according to the New York Times.

Mark Steinberg, Tiger Woods’ agent, reportedly asked the New York Times not to proceed with their story about Dr. Anthony Galea via e-mail. “I would really ask that you guys don’t write this?” Steinberg reportedly wrote. “If Tiger is NOT implicated, and won’t be, let’s give the kid a break.”

With yet another alleged mistress now added to the list of Tiger Woods women this week – Theresa Rogers – and now a connection to a doctor who allegedly dopes athletes, it’s no wonder Woods decided to drop out of the public eye for a while.

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