Crimes Against Fashion: Alyssa Milano At The Emmys Edition

Or is it? The AP, E!, and all of the blogs say this is Alyssa. Alyssa fans say it’s Christina De Rossi. No correction yet from the AP, but NO correction could correct this horrifying getup! If it makes you feel better, substitute “Christina” in your mind every time you see “Alyssa” in this post.

When ruffles attack! Bjork should feel great about this. Alyssa Milano has officially joined Bjork as a swan, and Lara Flynn Boyle as a ballerina, in the Red Carpet Fugliest Hall Of Fame. Starlets everywhere are breathing huge sighs of relief. There is virtually NO danger of topping this heinousness for years.

What exactly IS this costume? Mae West comes back from the dead to straighten out Ryan Seacrest? An environmentalist statement encouraging the use of fans instead of air-conditioning? Wild-west bordello girl faking virginity on her wedding day? A Project Runway assignment using toilet paper and a giant pair of Spanxx? This HAD to have come from one of those awful prom-dress catalogs that come when you’re a junior in high-school. All Alyssa is missing is a parasol, but holding the fan-shaped purse is a fitting second choice.

Whomever designed this disaster is BEGGING for witness protection as we speak. “Crimes against fashion DO qualify. I’ll name names. Deep undercover, PLEASE. North Dakota will be fine. Hell yes, I’ll dress as a member of the opposite sex. But hurry the F*** up! Tim Gunn is stalking me and he’s packing one BADASS pair of scissors!”

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Project Runway’s Gonna Piss You Off

Tim Gunn has a message for Project Runway’s fans about the show’s new season: You may feel like screaming at the TV! The show’s fifth season premiers Wednesday on Bravo (9 p.m. ET). Tim tells People magazine:

It’s a real roller coaster, Fans are going to get mad — early! There are some big surprises: Favorites won’t be there anymore, and I can only imagine how the blogs are going to explode over some of the challenge winners. We say that each season has a different DNA and boy, is that true.

Tim gave a sneak-peek at each contestant:
*Blayne, 23:”The designers love him. His work is like his personality — exuberant. Blayne is hard to miss.”
*Daniel, 25: “He’s intense — not the workroom jokester … I called him ‘the sweater.’ As in perspiration.”
*Korto, 33 “Still waters run deep: She seems so quiet and reserved, almost reclusive. She’s not. Korto is going to tantalize people with her work.”
*Emily, 27: “Emily is effervescent, very likable and a positive presence in the workroom. She’s a sweetheart but she’s serious about what she does.”
*Jennifer, 27: “She’s very thoughtful, smart and she is driven by literature and classic films rather than the pop culture scene.”
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