Right Now In Nashville: Tim McGraw For Governor?

Country superstar Tim McGraw has been thinking about running for public office for awhile now, but it looks like he may be seriously considering a grab for the Governor’s seat in Tennessee! Unlike most of the nation, Tennessee Republicans won big in this past election, and Democrats are desperate to put a high-profile candidate up against probable GOP candidate Bill Frist. Now THAT would make for an interesting race in 2010!

Tennessee’s current Governor, Phil Bredesen, is a Democrat…but made his fortune running health care companies. Bredesen’s known for his business savvy. Dr. Bill Frist has been a GOP senator, and had made noises that he wanted OUT of public life. The super-wealthy Frist family is one of Tennessee’s most prominent, however, and Bill has instant name-recognition. The prospect of governing Tennessee would be pretty irresistible.

A Bill vs. Tim race would be a bonanza for the media! Tim has Bill Clinton on his side- in 2006 Bill told Esquire that:

“I think he’s got it. The Democrats need candidates whom people can relate to in a personal way, people who understand their lives and their concerns and share their values. And I think that’s something Tim can do without even pretending.”

Tim reciprocated by calling Clinton “the best President we’ve ever had.” Er, hmmm. Tim isn’t one of those celebs who hides out…most of them don’t in Nashville. Snarkista sees him at the mall all the time! She’s not sure what Tim’s platform promises would include…an annual state-of-the-state concert? If he won, Faith Hill would be the First Lady of Tennessee. She’s a tiger when it comes to protecting her man, so maybe the Governor’s security budget could be trimmed. You do NOT want to cross Faith. Ever.