American Idol Gives Back Tim Urban

American Idol Gives Back week may have all about inspiration and the spirit of giving, but contestant Tim Urban failed to inspire and was given no charity at elimination time Wednesday night. The American Idol contestant much of America loved to hate, the poster boy, Tim Urban, has finally left the building.

Tim Urban leaves 'American Idol' (FOX)
Tim Urban leaves 'American Idol' (FOX)

Now that Tim Urban has finally gotten the boot from American Idol, we’re actually feeling a bit lousy about it. We’ve bashed Urban all season and cowered in mock horror when he took the stage. We never felt he had a good enough voice or the ‘it’ factor to be a success in the music business. Or shouldn’t anyway – this is American after all, where people like Miley Cyrus are famous and rich despite an endless lack of any real talent.

On the other hand, Tim Urban is just a 20-year-old guy who has a dream to be a singer. All season long, he’s had to endure people like us telling him how much he sucks. The judges have crushed him on a weekly basis and knowing you’re the lead contender of the crowd has to be kind of soul-crushing.

Most of us out there have had our dreams crumpled into little wads of nothingness at some point or another. It’s not a nice feeling to be told the one thing we really want and love to do is something we aren’t necessarily very good at.

So even though we think Tim Urban deserved to be voted off long ago, we still can’t help but feel bad for the guy. Go forth young man and enjoy knowing that you do have quite a few genuine – and vocal – fans out there.

And if the music thing doesn’t work out for you, might we suggest, perhaps, modeling? We may think your vocal skills don’t quite make the grade, but we’re not going to argue about your cuteness factor!

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American Idol Top 9 Prepare for Elvis Night

American Idol is bringing back Elvis Presley theme week for the first time since season five on Tuesday night. We just find it vastly amusing that Adam Lambert is serving as guest mentor this week. After all, Elvis Presley was pretty controversial and often quite racy himself back in the day. And Adam Lambert can certainly shake those hips just as much as Elvis did!

American Idol Top 9 (FOX)
American Idol Top 9 (FOX)

So what’s the scoop on what the contestants will be performing on American Idol 2012 for Elvis week? Well, we can’t tell you what songs they’ll be singing, but rumor has it Tuesday night is going to be very interesting indeed.

Casey James is reportedly planning an upbeat number accompanied by acoustic guitar while Andrew Garcia may be going instrument free and is practicing some new dance moves for his performance. Siobhan Magnus apparently gave some very strong vocals during rehearsals, but her song choice may not please the judges.

Katie Stevens has reportedly decided to belt her way through the week, while Michael Lynche is rumored to be going kind of “folksy” for performance night. Lee Dewyze is taking on a bit of grunge while Tim Urban is going for a sweet, ballad-like jaunt on stage.

Crystal Bowersox and Aaron Kelly will reportedly be rocking it out for the night. Bowersox will be bringing an electric guitar to the stage and showing off that powerful vocal range. Kelly is also supposedly ready to rock and as well, but we’ll see whether or not he can pull it off.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the American Idol Top 9 have in store for us tonight. We can only hope that Elvis week and Adam Lambert’s mentoring will bring out the best in the contestants!

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American Idol Contestants Come Together

The performances on American Idol last night were rather surprisingly good overall, a nice change from the abysmal mess most of the contestants seem to be from week to week. Once again, Crystal Bowersox was our favorite of the night, giving a sexy, quirky groove to her version of “Come Together.” The biggest shock of the night, however, is that we didn’t actually want to wash our ears out with bleach after Tim Urban took his turn on the stage.

Crystal Bowersox on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Crystal Bowersox on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Yes, we love to pick on Tim Urban. He may be one of the least talented contestants to ever appear on American Idol. Still, last night we didn’t hate him as much as usual. His performance of “All My Loving” was certainly not something we care to hear again, but it was at least passable for a change.

Crystal Bowersox once again rocked it out. We absolutely adored her performance of “Come Together” and thought it was a great song choice for her. We especially loved the addition of the didgeridoo to the song arrangement. That’s what makes Bowersox special, she always throws something unique and different into the mix.


Our pick for the worst performance of the evening on American Idol this week was actually Aaron Kelly, not Tim Urban. His take on “The Long and Winding Road” was off pitch and uncomfortable. We weren’t too fond of Andrew Garcia‘s “Can’t Buy Me Love” rendition either; it just didn’t click and sounded weird.

Normally we love Michael Lynche and his big voice, but we couldn’t quite get into his performance of “Eleanor Rigby,” especially with the memory of David Cook‘s hot-as-hell version ringing in our ears. We think once a song has been slammed out of the park by a previous contestant, it really should be retired from the song list. Otherwise it just sounds like a pale copy in comparison.

As for the rest of the performances, they were relatively decent in general, although we do have to ask – what the hell was Siobhan Magnus wearing? Seriously, that outfit was atrocious. Even worse, it was paired with plastic hair and one of Magnus’ most boring performances of the season. All around just not the best night for Siobhan.

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American Idol Fans Dump Didi Benami, Keep Tim Urban Again

Every week we say if they don’t vote off Tim Urban this time, we’re going to stop watching American Idol. Obviously, we aren’t keeping our promise. Seriously though, why the hell did poor Didi Benami get the boot this week and talentless Tim Urban still keeps managing to squeak through?

Didi Benami on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Didi Benami on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Yeah, we get it. fanatics and all that. Honestly though, are there really that many people out there willing to crush a girl’s dreams just for the amusement of keeping a loser like Tim Urban on stage to torture us week after week?

We’re not saying Didi Benami didn’t deserve to be cut. She had a weak performance and overall her time on American Idol has been mediocre for the most part. Still, the girl actually does have a voice, looks good on stage and probably has some kind of recording career ahead of her – even if it is just as a backup singer. Tim Urban, on the other hand, is literally one of the worst singers we’ve ever had the displeasure to hear.

Alright, alright, we’ll stop bashing. Somewhere in there we’re sure the poor guy has feelings to be hurt. Even so, it’s obvious from the look on his face during elimination (and the looks on the faces of his friends in the audience) that even he knows his time on American Idol should have been over long, long ago.

Speaking of terrible things to watch, what the hell was up with the so-called ‘entertainment’ on Idol this week? We usually love Usher, but his performance of “OMG” was pitchy, flat and groan-worthy. The song sucks badly enough, but he sounded like he was in some kind of terrible pain during the whole thing. Or he had a really, really bad head cold. Either way, it was suckage.

Diddy‘s performance with Dirty Money was even worse though. We can’t even call that crap music in the most liberal sense – and those strobe lights should have come with an epileptic warning. Ouch!

We can only hope that next week’s John Lennon and Paul McCartney theme shows will be more entertaining – and easier on the ears. We especially can’t wait to see what songs Crystal Bowersox and Michael Lynche will pull out of the hat. Could be awesome, could be horrible, just have to wait and see!

Paige Miles Cut from American Idol – Tim Urban Saved Again

Yes, we admit it; we want Tim Urban gone from American Idol. We’ve wanted him gone from the first time he opened his mouth and that shaky, karaoke, strained voice squeaked out. However, we have to admit that Paige Miles elimination from American Idol this week was well deserved.

Paige Miles on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Paige Miles on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Still, we feel bad for those who plan to attend the American Idols Live Tour and will now have to endure listening to Tim Urban squawk his way across the country.

After the horror that was Paige Miles’ performance on Tuesday night, we would have been shocked if the teacher from Florida hadn’t been in the bottom three. We were a bit surprised that Andrew Garcia wasn’t there after his abysmal showing this week. As Simon Cowell said, that boy sucked all the life out of his song and left it bleeding on the floor. We doubt he’ll make it more than another week or two though unless Tim Urban does finally get voted off and the folks switch to Garcia.

Paige Miles & Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Paige Miles & Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Katie Stevens rounded out the bottom three this week and it’s not hard to see why. She’s not the worst singer still in the pack, but she just doesn’t seem to click with American Idol fans. We think she’s just too boringly generic to inspire a strong fan base. Although her performance this week was actually one of her best, it still doesn’t come close in comparision to powerhouses like Crystal Bowersox or Siobhan Magnus. Stevens is another one we bet won’t be sticking around for the top five unless she miraculously pulls something spectacular out of her hat.

We can’t help but feel lousy for Paige Miles getting the cut this week. Not that she didn’t deserve to go, but to stand there and know Tim Urban would get to go on the American Idol Live tour instead of her – with all the extra cash and attention that comes with it? That just has to hurt.

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Tim Urban Survives American Idol Rolling Stones Week Much to Our Dismay

While we were not too sad to see who got eliminated this week on American Idol, we were dismayed to find out it was not Tim Urban who got the boot. We keep waiting and waiting, but he keeps going and going like a damned energizer bunny on speed.

Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Lacey Brown certainly couldn’t keep up with other ladies in the competition when put up against powerhouses like Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus, but we just have to wonder what America is thinking to allow Tim Urban to continue torturing us on the American Idol stage.

Yes, Tim Urban did make it to the bottom three during American Idol‘s Rolling Stones week, which he well deserved. But why did he get saved when it seems painfully obvious he’s overwhelmed in this competition and isn’t improving at all? Lacey Brown has had at least a few semi-decent performances, and so has Paige Miles, the other lady in the bottom three.

Urban, however, has failed to entertain us even once, much less impress us in the least. There was a good reason he was initially denied a place in the Top 24 and he should never have been brought back in to replace disqualified contestant Chris Golightly – a far superior candidate.

Then again, we have a sneaking suspicion why Tim Urban continues to get a pass every week on American Idol. We have witnessed the power of the jokers over at time and time again over the seasons of American Idol and right now the followers of the site are voting in block to keep Tim Urban in the competition. They are Tweeting and Facebooking and phoning a friend in a frenzy to keep Urban on stage. While American Idol producers generally laugh off the power of the site and its fans, we don’t. (Although we do think it’s cute they mentioned our review of his performance in a post this week.)


We feel kind of bad for Tim Urban that he’s been slapped with the “Vote for the Worst” label, but in his case we kind of have to agree he is the stinker of the competition this year. He seems nice enough and relatively cute, but his voice is amateur at best and he constantly looks like he’s in abject terror every time he performs. So do us a favor next week and save us from the crowd – please vote for anyone but Urban and our ears will thank you heartily!

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American Idol Rolling Stones Night Winners and Losers

The American Idol top 12 took to the stage Monday night for a Rolling Stones themed showdown and once again the ladies hand the guys a royal smackdown. While we do concede a few of the guys were decent, it was definitely Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox and Didi Benami from the ladies side who really left everyone else in the dust.

'American Idol' Top 12 (FOX


Siobhan Magnus: We have to say we were rather impressed with Siobhan Magnus last night on American Idol. While we like her voice overall, her song choices haven’t quite clicked with us and her voice can topple over that fine line between fabulous and annoying rather quickly. However, her choice of “Paint It Black” for Rolling Stones night was perfect and she managed to girl the song the proper passion it deserved. Magnus earned our respect with this one and we have to award her with the best performance of the evening.

Crystal Bowersox: Although we are still a bit bummed about the elimination of Lilly Scott last week, we’re pleased Bowerox won the ‘eclectic girl’ vote. Scott was great, but Bowersox is just something special. Bowersox once again showed she’s the contestant to beat with her rendition of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Not only was her voice rockin’, she’s the only one with true, natural stage presence in the bunch. However, we did think this was one of Bowersox’s less powerful performances and the song choice didn’t quite suit her as much as her previous choices have.

Didi Benami: We aren’t sure what the hell this girl was wearing last night, but her performance of “Play With Fire” was one of her best yet. Benami dug down and connected with both the song and the audience. Now if she can just lose the last of those nerves and keep up the consistency, she could have a sneak attack coming later in the competition.


Casey James: We’re a little annoyed that we actually kind of liked the performance from Casey James this week. It wasn’t so bad really and we don’t want to like James. He’s too cute in that goofy “I’m so not aware of my own cuteness – or so you think” way and his talents are questionable at best. But we can’t deny this was one of his better performance nights.

Michael Lynche: Sadly he couldn’t quite pull off another powerhouse night like he did last week, but Big Mike’s sweet, strong performance of “Miss You” just made us want to give him a big teddy bear hug. Somehow we can’t ever quite see this guy becoming a huge star, but we do love his voice and think he’s definitely in our top five picks on the show.

Aaron Kelly: We’re not really Aaron Kelly fans and we’re unlikely to become such any time soon. His take on “Angie” wasn’t the worst though and even had a few nice moments. His vague wandering around and zoned-out face couldn’t help but make us wonder how much he’d been smoking before he hit the stage. Dude does NOT know how to click it with the audience.

Lee Dewyze: There were a few moments where Dewyze’s rendition of “Beast of Burden” almost shined, but not quite. He sounded like he had gum in his mouth through half the song and his zombie personality on stage has got to go.

Paige Miles: We’re not really sure why Paige Miles thought a song called “Honky Tonk Woman” would really suit her. The song didn’t quite fit and her voice was rough in spots, but we think she still earned a spot in the top 12.


Tim Urban: The award for the biggest loser of the night absolutely goes to Tim Urban, American Idol‘s idiotic replacement for eliminated contestant Chris Golightly. His reggae version of “Under My Thumb” was so nasty, we had to plug our ears halfway through and cry a little bit. If this guy isn’t gone this week, we have serious doubts about the sanity (and taste level) of the American public.

Katie Stevens: Some people out there seem to love this girl and we totally just don’t get it. Her voice is week, her stage presence is boring and her song choices are confusing. Although her take on “Wild Horses” was one of her better performances, that’s not saying much.

Lacey Brown: Brown’s choice of “Ruby Tuesday” for her Rolling Stones song was just bad, bad, bad. It was worse than pitchy and actually caused physical discomfort in our ears. We’re honestly just sick of listening to her do damage to normally beautiful music.

Andrew Garcia: You just can’t take an awesome, classic song like “Gimme Shelter” and treat it like a joke. That’s what Garcia’s performance of it felt like. He was all over the place, his handling of his mic stand was almost lewd and his voice couldn’t figure out where the hell it was supposed to be throughout the song.

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