Winehouse Momma Mouse

Here’s Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty cracked up inside a neon tube playing house with newborn mice. Those babies are SO glad their eyes aren’t open yet! “Put the shield up quick, mates! Something’s trying to burn through!” Amy thinks they have superpowers and can save her marriage. Pete’s nasty fingernails only add to the feel of fear for the babes; I don’t really want to think of where they may be right now.

DANG this clip makes me nervous! I’m afraid Pete or Amy will absentmindedly eat one of the tiny little guys. PETA needs to get up on Amy’s weave and BAN her from coming anywhere near animals! Tina Turner is so upset she’s BEGGING Amy to get help! Good luck with that, Tina. Bless your heart. Y’all be glad this clip’s not in Smellavision.