Jon Gosselin Sues TLC, Claims He’s Too Famous to Get a Real Job

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin is suing TLC over claims the network has interfered with his ability to earn a living. Because, according to court papers filed by Gosselin’s attorney, the reality TV dad is too famous to get a real job and TLC is interfering with his entertainment career.

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No, seriously. In court documents filed last week, Jon Gosselin claims he has been left “without the ability to secure non-entertainment related engagements” because of the tabloid frenzy resulting from the drama surrounding Jon & Kate Plus 8 and his impending divorce from estranged wife Kate Gosselin.

Gosselin says the “enormous media interest, cameras, reporters and public interest makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities, let alone find, secure and maintain a job…” Well, we have to admit, after all his fame-whoring, womanizing and nasty bad-mouthing in the press, we wouldn’t want to hire him to clean our toilets.

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TLC filed a lawsuit earlier this month claiming Jon Gosselin breached his exclusive contract with the network by making media appearances without their permission. In his countersuit against TLC, Jon Gosselin claims the network has damaged his reputation and good name and caused him “lost business opportunities and “lost profits.” Funny, we thought Jon Gosselin was doing a really good job of tarnishing his own name and reputation without any help at all from TLC.

Gosselin also claims TLC violated Pennsylvania’s child labor laws and did not compensate his family enough for their work on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Jon Gosselin is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 14 for a hearing on the TLC lawsuit against him for violating his contract.

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Jon Gosselin Sued by TLC for Contract Breach

We knew it was only a matter of time before TLC sued Jon Gosselin for violating the terms of his exclusive contract. Now the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star will be fighting a squeeze of legal battles on two fronts – with estranged wife Kate Gosselin as the rock and TLC as the hard place.

Jon Gosselin on 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'
Jon Gosselin on 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' - TLC

TLC has filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Jon Gosselin in Maryland this week, accusing the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star of multiple contract violations. TLC alleges Jon Gosselin made paid and unpaid TV appearances without the prior approval of the network. The network is also accusing him of harming the show “with his constant criticisms” about the series.

“The network has been trying privately and patiently for months to get Jon to honor the contract he signed and to comply with his obligations relating to public appearances and statements,” a representative for TLC said in a press statement. “Those efforts have been unsuccessful.” TLC is reportedly seeking to force Jon Gosselin to abide by the terms of his contract and to return any money earned from making unapproved television appearances.

Jon Gosselin’s attorney, Mark Heller, told People on Friday he had not yet seen any legal documents from TLC. “I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen. Jon hasn’t been served yet, either,” he said.   

Kate Gosselin, meanwhile, may be slapping her soon-to-be ex-husband with even more legal tangles soon. Gosselin said in a statement Thursday she is “disturbed” by statements from former babysitter (and alleged Jon Gosselin lover) Stephanie Santoro saying Jon Gosselin admitted to taking money from Kate and has been hacking her e-mails, bank accounts and phone records.

“Ms. Gosselin is carefully considering all of her legal options regarding this matter, and she will pursue them if and when the time is right,” Kate Gosselin’s attorney said in a press statement.

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Jon Gosselin Dumped by Hailey Glassman – Sued by TLC

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin is not having a good week. First comes news TLC is considering suing Gosselin for appearing on Larry King Live in violation of his contract. Next comes the rumor 23-year-old Hailey Glassman has finally dumped him!


The shit really started hitting the fan when TLC made the announcement that Jon &  Kate Plus 8 would be renamed as Kate Plus 8 and focus on Kate Gosselin’s role as a single mother of eight kids starting in November. Jon Gosselin responded by issuing legal threats to TLC and demanding all production on Jon & Kate Plus 8 be shut down immediately. Supposedly because he felt his kids were being treated badly by TLC, not because of that pesky loss of income.

“Jon is resolved not to allow the TLC corporate machine to devour his family and promote the monster’s best interests over those of his family,” Gosselin’s lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said Thursday in a statement.

To vent his rage against the network he calls a “monster,” Jon Gosselin took his grievances to Larry King Live on Thursday night. However, Jon Gosselin is still under exclusive contract with TLC and did not have ‘permission’ to do the gig. So now TLC is considering suing his ass.

And if that isn’t enough drama in the Gosselins saga for one week, rumor has it Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend Hailey Glassman has dumped him! Gosselin hinted at the breakup on Larry King Live by saying Glassman would stand behind him “whether we’re together or not.” Glassman posted on her Twitter feed that “Its time 2 move on… No matter what I will always be there for Jon.Whether we are together or just friends,he will always have my family and my support.” Glassman’s rep told Access Hollywood the rumor is untrue and Gosselin and Glassman are still together. But frankly, we’re just not really buying it anymore.

Well, since Kate Gosselin is already in the works for a new talk show, if this spells the end of the TLC series, she’ll still be riding high – and milking her ‘struggle’ for every penny she can gleefully get. As for Jon Gosselin, he’s out a job and allegedly a girlfriend. Not all that surprising he is now trying to put the brakes on his divorce from Kate…

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