Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Welcome New Baby Boy

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen are welcoming a new baby boy into the family. The new baby is the first for Bundchen and the second for Brady, who has a 2-year-old son with former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen
Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady revealed he knew the gender of the baby earlier this month, but that his wife, Gisele Bundchen, did not. “I wanted to find out and she didn’t,” Brady said, “so she said, ‘Go ahead.’ It will be a surprise for her.” As with most exceedingly hot couples, the Brady/Bundchen offspring will either be amazingly gorgeous or extremely scary-looking. We hope for their sake it’s the former.

Hopefully Bundchen is pleased to welcome another possible future NFL star into the ‘Brady’ bunch. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady married on February 26. The couple announced Bundchen was pregnant in June.

Congrats to Bundchen on the baby and managing to keep Brady around after getting knocked up, unlike former baby-momma Bridget Moynahan. She, unfortunately, got deep-sixed right after Brady planted a bun in her oven.

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Great Depression Cooking With Clara

93-year-old cook Clara Cannucciari of upstate New York, is a Youtube superstar, Why? Her grandson has filmed her showing how to make the meals her family ate during the Great Depression. I’ve tuned into Clara’s Youtube channel quite a few times…she is a delight to watch, and a great teacher! She tells stories from her childhood during the Great Depression while she’s creating her budget-friendly delights. Who couldn’t learn a little frugal cooking these days?!

Here’s Clara cooking a “poorman’s meal”. Check it out, and visit Clara on Youtube. You’ll learn some valuable skills while our Dear Leader runs our economy into the ditch.

Jessica Simpson Better Not Eff This One Up

Snarkista got an email from her daddy this afternoon. He sent this story from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and she HAD to pass it along.

Tony Romo had been somewhat of an NFL opening-week quarterbacking exception, enjoying a great Sunday in Cleveland, except, of course, for that bloody chin thing.
The weekend had also gone very well for Bill and Sharon White of Irving, who were returning late in the evening after an out-of-town trip.

The national news was about a day of QB disasters around the league, even at the elite level. Tom Brady, down and out for the season. Peyton Manning, looking feeble and lost. Carson Palmer, his once stellar reputation taking another plunge. And for pure weirdness, there’s Vince Young, a young man in obvious need of either a good shrink or a good butt-kicking.

Meanwhile, even as devout football fans, the Whites had been on the road and out of touch with the NFL events. They particularly didn’t want to know the Dallas Cowboys’ outcome. The TiVo at home was waiting. Bill planned to watch the Cleveland game immediately, with suspense attached.

But a couple of miles from the house, while driving on MacArthur Boulevard, the Whites had their own mini-disaster. A tire blew on the Mercury. Bill, luckily, managed to nurse his wounded ride off the street and into the lighted parking lot of a strip mall.

For troubling news on a Sunday, it didn’t rank up there with taking a direct hit to the chin from the helmet of linebacker Willie McGinest, but Bill became a bit woozy himself when he discovered his jack was malfunctioning. Never a good thing at midnight.

Plan B kicked in, however. One of those cigarette-lighter-plug-in air compressors was available. Except it was leaking more air than it was pumping. “I don’t know, a hundred cars, probably more, had to go by. Nobody was stopping,” said Bill. “That’s just kind of the way it is in today’s world.”

And then …”Bill was fooling with that tire, and I was standing beside the car watching him,” Sharon said. “The next thing I know, a nice-looking young man, very well-dressed, but with something strange on his chin, he walked up, smiled, and said, ‘Hey, you need some help?’ ” Sharon hadn’t even noticed a car pull up. So now it’s Bill and the well-dressed young man both bent over a flat tire at midnight on a Sunday, trying to figure out why a faulty air compressor plugged into the cigarette lighter was leaking more than pumping. “I didn’t get a good look at him at that point,” Bill said. “We were both trying to get the tire pumped up.”

Sharon, however, took a second look. “You are Tony Romo,” she said. No reply, just a smile, and then it was back to work on the compressor. Finally, they got the tire aired up. Enough, anyway, to make a slow drive home.

“I didn’t want to bother him,” Sharon said, “but I asked again, ‘You’re Tony Romo, right?’ ” I knew it was him by then. But he smiled and said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’ ” Sharon: “I did something no 50-year-old woman should be doing, but I screamed real loud, and then jumped up and hugged him.”

Bill’s immediate response was “Don’t tell me how you guys did. I’m going home to watch it.”

By the next day, after seeing what the “something strange on his chin” was about, that made the Whites appreciate Romo’s gesture even more.

“He gets almost knocked cold in that game, and I read it took 13 stitches to close the cut, and then there’s a long flight home [the Cowboys charter arrived at around 11 p.m.] and Tony’s got to be dog tired, but he still was a good enough person to stop and help us,” Bill said.

“Look, we’re driving a 10-year old car that is sitting in a parking lot with a flat tire in the dead of night. He could tell by that we’re nothing special. But here’s a young man making millions of dollars, and he’s got all this fame and glory, and he does this?”

The Whites couldn’t thank Romo enough. “But if I ever had the opportunity, I’d also like to thank two other people. His mom and dad,” Bill said. “They obviously raised him right. We’ve got kids about his age. We know how difficult it can sometimes be in this day and age.”

(An e-mail from Sharon alerted me to Tony’s good deed. No Cowboys official knew about it even by Wednesday.)

Not that the Whites weren’t already Romo fans, but …

“After all this, what I realized is the athletic thing is Tony’s gift, yet it goes beyond that,” Bill said. “This was a good person we met. A good person with small-town values despite all the big-city fame and fortune.”

Shrug off a blow to the chin. Win a game. Help strangers fix a flat. It was a fine Sunday for the kid.

Seriously, Jessica. Stop getting thrown out of fashion-show after-parties for being drunk! We know that your country thing is kinda gettin’ panned. But if you let THIS one get away, you will REALLY have a reason to drink.