Greg Giraldo’s family turned off his life support

It’s been a sad week for celebrity deaths.  In addition to Tony Curtis‘ death this week, comedian Greg Giraldo was also discovered in a hotel room after having overdosed on prescription medication.  It has recently been revealed that he was on life support for five days, but his family elected to switch it off when doctors advised them that Giraldo would never be resuscitated.  It’s a heartbreaking decision to have to make, and I applaud the Giraldo family for not letting him vegetate in a hospital bed for years on end.  Greg Giraldo was quite a popular comedian and will be missed – I’m curious to see what ends up unfolding once we learn who the doctor was who prescribed the medication, and what exactly it was prescribed for.

Tony Curtis remembered fondly by friends, family and colleagues

Tony Curtis passed away a couple of days ago – he was one of the true legends of acting.  He did everything from comedy to drama roles, appearing in more than a hundred films over the span of a career that lasted more than six decades.  In the past two days, his former co-stars, friends, and family have come forward with their memories, and it seems like the guy was universally loved by everyone who knew him.  Not that I expect people to come forward and hate on the dead guy, but sometimes when unpopular people pass, everyone remains politely quiet.  Not the case with Tony Curtis – his daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, made a public statement talking about the extended family that loved him, and fellow actors Kirk Douglas and Kim Novak have both issued statements declaring their sadness at their friend’s passing.  It’s sad that he’s gone, but it’s also great that he made such a positive impact on so many people.