Miley Cyrus Loses Sleep Over Skanky Pics

Although Trainreq (Josh Holly) has stopped leaking skanky pictures that Miley Cyrus took of herself, she reportedly still worries about MORE of them getting out. Why? Because she stupidly took more than the ones that were leaked. She’s worried that Josh may have sent them to other people, and that they’ll pop on the net anytime.

A source told the Enquirer that she used her hacked e-mail account on a daily basis to send pics and letters to Nick Jonas and to her friends. Brainiac! What’s more, Miley used several email accounts to spread herself around, and she’s not sure which ones got hacked!

The bottom line is, there are more scandalous pictures that may have been accessed. Miley’s losing sleep worrying about them. Let this be a lesson to all of you self-pic takers…don’t email or post anything that you’re not prepared to have the world see. The internet is FOREVER.

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FBI Keeping Mum About Miley’s Tennessee Hacker

As you all know, Miley Cyrus’ email was hacked earlier this year by a guy who called himself Trainreq. His real name is Josh Holly, and he lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee…about 30 miles from Nashville. Snarkista had been following his posts in a forum on ; and in the beginning…none of his fellow hackers believed his claims of having compromising images of Miley. Well, he DID, and he released some of them- all taken by Miley herself. They were supposedly ment for(and probably sent to) Nick Jonas. Needless to say, Snarkista broke the story quickly. The hack job was an easy one, according to Josh- Miley used all of the same passwords for her email, Myspace, etc. Josh gave a detailed interview to Wired, where he detailed just how he hacked Miley. You all with Myspace accounts should give it a read, and learn how lame Myspace security is. Brainiac Josh had been bugging Wired to do an interview on him.

At first, he tried to sell the pics to celebrity websites like TMZ. They all turned him down, because of the illegal way he got the shots. So, he posted them on…and later did a video interview about the hack. Josh is only 19, and like a lot of boys his age…couldn’t resist BRAGGING about his hack that received international attention. He said he’d never get caught. Just hours before the FBI arrived at his doorstep, Josh posted a message online bragging that even though he was a known hacker, federal agents would never find him. SUCKER!!

According to Josh, the FBI busted up into his apartment yesterday with a search warrant, and seized 3 computers and his cell phone amongst other things. The Feds are staying quiet about the bust, and refused comment to the Murfreesboro Post. FBI spokesman, Agent C.M. Sturgis, said he could not confirm or deny an active, ongoing investigation of Holly. Murfreesboro Police referred calls to the FBI.

Josh made some other claims to Wired, including one that he’d scammed $50,000 by exploiting an advertising scheme on MySpace accounts, but he didn’t want the details published to avoid giving other hackers ideas. Wired was unable to confirm the authenticity of his claim at the time they published yesterday. Josh is begging for some hard time. Maybe he should have a chat with Hulk Hogan’s son Nick!

Dumbass was repeatedly warned by his buds at Digital Gangster to STFU about the hack, and that he was gonna get busted. We’ve known he lived in Murfreesboro for months, and it’s not a real big place. Surprise, surprise, Josh says he’s scared now. Doh! We haven’t heard the last of him, and he’ll probably get a LOT more fame than he bargained for.

No More Leaked Photos Says Miley Cyrus Hacker

Tennessee boy Trainreq has decided NOT to release any more Miley Cyrus pics from her email account he hacked . He posted the following statement yesterday on his website,

I am posting just to give you an update on everything. In this post I am going to settle some rumors. I would like to start off first by simply saying, no more pictures of Miley Cyrus will be leaked. I would appreciate it if people would stop begging. It would not only be redundant, but it would also be very “assholey” of me to leak a new set up pictures every week. Whenever I get time, I’ll pull off another celeb hack pretty soon, I am taking a break and laying low for now. Secondly, YOUTUBE.COM/TRAINREQ IS NOT MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT! Yes, The youtube account with Miley’s “information” on there is not my youtube account, and that is NOT Miley’s or Nick’s real AIMs/Phone numbers. I currently do not have my own YouTube account. Please note that I will never offer to sell or give away any celebraty’s information. So if someone is acting as me offering you information for a favor or some money, it’s not me. Also, please stop asking me for celeb numbers. I do not have Miley Cyrus’s or Nick Jonas’ phone number. I got them once, but celebraties change their numbers alot, and I am not going to stalk them down for their new ones. Third off, I love it how so many people come crying to me all like “OMG! YOUR SUCH AN AWFUL PERSON! YOU MESSED UP HER CAREER”. I haven’t responded to any of those messages , but I would like to say this: She has had pictures leaked of her before, the amount of Hannah Montana shit that you see EVERYWHERE in stores (especially in Walmart) did not reduce , and they did not go down either when I leaked the sets of pictures. However, I do realize that I did invade her privacy, the photos where for Nick Jonas and only for Nick Jonas. But I do not think that makes me anymore of an asshole of what a paparazzi is. Also, Be sure to check out Insane Alliance it is a little video project me and my friends start where we try to be funny and make you tube videos and songs. I started it about 2 years ago, but have done barley anything to it, I might get serious with it if I get some traffic. Thanks to everyone who is on my side , and knows what I am really about. Even though I do not have all the time to respond to fan mail, I do greatly appreciate the messages I see.
Hugs and kisses
– TrainReq

Miley was 15 when the pics were taken, and Trainreq would get in MAJOR trouble if he sold them. His real name is Josh, and he posts regularly on Digitalgangster…a hacker forum. Sounds like he’s become quite the celeb himself, as he can’t respond to his fan mail! Apparently he’s been worried the po-po are gonna raid his crib, so he’s decided to lay off of Miley. Fair warning to other celebs, however, these guys are awful good at what they do! Remember, you can never go wrong by hitting DELETE!!!

Breaking: Interview W/ Miley Cyrus’ Hacker & He’s Got MORE!

UPDATE: 8/31/08…Miley’s hacker says he’s too scared to release more pix because Miley was 15! Okay, so pretty much everyone knows that Miley Cyrus got hacked, and the racy pics have been dribbling out over the past few weeks. Snarkista heard that Trainreq, the hacker, lives in Murfreesboro, TN. about 30 miles from Nashville. He’s the real deal. Miley’s PHONE didn’t get hacked, like the press has been saying. Dude hacked her email. He’s got more Miley, and is gonna keep leaking the pics like the bikini and underwear pics here, (and possibly emails) out. Here’s a breaking story, the video interview with the hacker who HOPEFULLY has taught Miley a lesson. But probably didn’t.