Travis The Chimp Shot Dead After Mauling Woman: Video

News Of The Weird for today…celeb chimpanzee Travis the Chimp, star of Coke and Old Navy ads, went batshit crazy and gruesomely mauled 55 year-old Charla Nash in Stamford Connecticut. She is currently in critical condition.

The chimpanzee’s owner, Sarah Herold, called Ms. Nash to help her get Travis back in the house after he used a key to let himself out. Travis jumped on Ms. Nash and began biting and mauling her.

Ms. Herold called 911 when she was unable to pull the 200 pound chimp off of her friend. She then grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed her 15-year-old pet, whom she said was “like her child.”


When cops arrived, Travis tried to get into one of the police cars, ripping off a side mirror, and trapping an officer inside. Police shot him several times when they were unable to subdue him. He returned to the house and died inside. Two police officers were also injured during the incident.

What set Travis off isn’t clear; he was being treated for Lyme disease, and one theory is that his medications may have played a role. He’d already been given Xanax by Ms. Herold earlier in the day because he was acting so agitated. What IS known, is that contrary to popular belief, Travis and Christina Aguilera’s husband Jordan Bratman are NOT brothers.