True Blood Season 5 Premiere: Turn! Turn! Turn! (VIDEO)

For every True Blood fan there is a (new) season to look forward to and thankfully, the True Blood season five premiere is here at last! After the fabulously shocking True Blood season four finale, we just cannot wait to see what kind of madness will be in store for the True Blood season 5 premiere.

To wrap up in one short paragraph from True Blood season 4: Lafayette is now a medium who speaks with the dead but his boyfriend Jesus is sadly one of them; Sookie has dumped both Eric and Bill; Sookie is also a fairy and not of the gay persuasion; Eric and Bill teamed up to kill Nan; Jessica got with Jason; Tommy is dead; bad guy Russell Edgington is back; and werewolf Alcide’s girlfriend Debbie shot Tara in the head at the end of the True Blood season four finale.

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