Steve Carell Is Now Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocer

Somebody should tell Steve Carell that when they said they were doing an Office spin-off, it didn’t mean he should actually go get another manager job somewhere else! Quirky Steve has decided he’ll prepare for the coming Great Depression 2.0 by buying a little general store. It’ll be like the good old days in the ’30’s!

Steve just bought a little Mom and Pop store in Massachusetts- the Marshfield Hills General Store. Steve’s a part-time resident of the town, which is 25 miles south of Boston. He put his sister-in-law Tish Vivado in charge, but said customers should not be surprised to see him working there on occasion. Steve told the Boston Globe:

“I will be manning the cash register, and stocking the shelves as time permits! He said the purchase was more of an “emotional investment than a business one” and an opportunity to preserve a piece of Americana.

Previous owner Sherry Bechtold said she and her husband Bob sold the 155-year-old building and business to Carell after being convinced he wanted it “for the right reasons.” She said she wanted to make sure the new owner retained the store’s character. We’ll see what kind of character Steve comes up with as the managing grocer of a general store! Hopefully he won’t rename it “Dumbo-Meddlin.”