Miley Cyrus Needs To Shut The Dressing Room Door

miley cyrus sideboob

Good grief, Miley! You go out to hang with your sister and “special hot friend” Justin Gaston, and decide to do a little shopping. No problem, right?

Wrong! Miley knows the papz follow her everywhere, and obviously the proprietors of Royal Dutchess don’t have a problem with them swarming their store. So, Miley decides to try on a few things, and model them for her entourage. Here’s the thing, Miley, when you go back into the dressing room to put on a new outfit, you’re supposed to CLOSE THE DOOR.

Not that Miley cares, as she’s freight-training her way into Britney-land as fast as she can, but sideboob shots aren’t what we want to see on a 16 year-old. The papz, however, are thrilled.

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