David Archuleta Launching A New Online Game!


Little cutie pie Idol David Archuleta is about to launch an online game but needs your help…it doesn’t have a name yet! The game will basically be a board game and by finding codes on websites and other places you’ll be able to move through the board. Along the way you’ll get to hear from David HIMSELF! If you make it to the end you’ll be eligible to win a grand prize.

So What should it be called? Email your ideas to davidarchuletagame@gmail.com with the subject “Game Title Submission”. If they pick your suggestion you’ll get a MAJOR shout-out on davidarchuleta.com. Squeal! Deadline for all title entries is Friday, February 6th. Get on it Arch Angels!

David also has some news on his MySpace blog. Check it out for deep thoughts from David!