Twilight: Breaking Dawn Release Date Announced

Get ready Twilight fans! The official Breaking Dawn release date has been announced. The fourth installment of the Twilight Saga is set to hit theaters on November 18, 2011. Fans will still have to wait a while, however, to find out if Breaking Dawn will end up split into two films.

(Summit Entertainment)
(Summit Entertainment)

We still don’t know if Twilight: Breaking Dawn will eventually be split into two movies, like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but it’s likely we’ll probably learn that info before much longer. Meanwhile, Twilight fans can go ahead and mark Nov. 18, 2011 on their calendars as the official Breaking Dawn release date.

We are especially curious about how the book conversion for the final installment of the Twilight series will turn out on film for Breaking Dawn. Unlike previous Twilight movies, author Stephenie Meyer will actually be hands-on as a producer for Breaking Dawn. Plus, we’re hoping for very good things out of Oscar-winning director Bill Condon.

Speaking of Meyer, the Twilight author gifted Breaking Dawn actors with a special treat to help them immerse themselves more fully into their characters – advance copies of the new Twilight novella The Brief Second Life of Bree Tanner! For the rest of us, we’ll have to buy our copies or wait to read it free on Meyer’s website June 5th.

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Director David Slade Announces Wrap of Filming for ‘Twilight Eclipse’

Filming for Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight saga, officially wrapped on Thursday. Director David Slade posted the announcement on his Twitter account, adding he is “physically and emotionally exhausted” from the shoot.


Twilight Eclipse officially wrapped shooting, at 4:30 am October 29th,” director David Slade posted on Twitter. “Physically and emotionally exhausted. DAVID S.”

The officially wrap party for Eclipse was reportedly held last weekend after the majority of the actors wrapped up filming. Star Robert Pattinson is expected to return home to the UK shortly for at least a little while before New Moon opens in theaters November 20.

In celebration of the wrap of filming on Eclipse, Slade gifted Twilight Twitter fans with a photo of Eclipse cast member Xavier Samuels between set ups as Riley Biers.


Slade said he will keep Tweeting and posting teasing tidbits from Eclipse through post-production, expected to last for the next 8 months – which we’re sure Twilight fans will be glad to hear!

Fifth Twilight Film in the Works?

Despite a titillating announcement by new Twilight cast member Boo Boo Stewart that a fifth Twilight film is in the works, fans shouldn’t hold their breath.


Boo Boo Stewart (no relation to Kristin Stewart) told Access Hollywood he had been signed on to do three Twilight films as teenage werewolf Seth Clearwater. If you count Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as two… well, that would imply either the final Twilight book would be split in two, or a totally new film is planned.

booboostewart1Unfortunately, according to, Boo Boo Stewart may just be confused. Unidentified sources reportedly told the site “it is absolutely not true” a fifth Twilight film is forthcoming at this time.

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has reportedly expressed interest in having the final book, Breaking Dawn, split into two films – along the lines of what’s being done with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So you never know, Boo Boo might just have a bit of clairvoyance in addition to his newly found werewolf skills.