Lady Gaga Crowned New Queen of Twitter

Move over Britney Spears, Lady Gaga has now officially been crowned the new Queen of Twitter. Over the weekend, Lady Gaga’s fans finally surprassed Spears to take the title of the  person with the most followers on Twitter.

Lady Gaga - Queen of Twitter (YouTube)
Lady Gaga - Queen of Twitter (YouTube)

As of now, Lady Gaga has 5,745,512 followers on Twitter compared to Britney Spears‘ 5,710,373. In a video message to her fans, new Queen of Twitter Lady Gaga thanked them for the honor.

The Lady Gaga YouTube video features the eccelectic star in a Twitter-themed outfit backstage at the Monster Ball in Tacoma. “Hello world, this is Lady Gaga, Queen of Twitter,” the singer says in the video. “I would like to thank all my beautiful little monsters for following me.”

Well, you’re quite welcome Lady Gaga!

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