‘Shit My Dad Says’ Twitter Hit Heads to TV

One lucky guy is seeing stars after his amusing Twitter feed ‘Shit My Dad Says’ landed him a TV deal with CBS. 29-year-old Justin Halpern, who posts on Twitter under the username shitmydadsays, will shortly be transitioning from Internet star to actual Hollywood fame.


Justin Halpern has garnered over 700,000 followers on Twitter just for posting weird things his 79-year-old dad says – often laced with amusing profanity. Some of the more hilarious comments include:

* “Just pay the parking ticket. Don’t be so outraged. You’re not a freedom fighter in the civil rights movement. You double parked.”

* “You look just like Stephen Hawking… Relax, I meant like a non-paralyzed version of him. Feel better?… Fine. Forget I said it.”

And one of my personal favorites: “Nobody is that important. They eat, shit, and screw, just like you. Maybe not shit like you, you got those stomach problems.”

SmallScreenScoop.com reports Will & Grace creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick have signed on to executive produce the new show, which Halpern will co-write.

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