Mother sues Tyra Banks for exploiting her child

Tyra Banks and her show’s parent company, Warner Bros Entertainment, are in a whole heap of trouble.  They’ve been sued by the mother of a 15-year-old girl who appeared on an episode of Tyra’s show that dealt with the topic of teenaged sex addicts.  

The girl, named Jewel McClendon, reportedly replied to a casting call and was flown out to participate in the show, despite the fact that producers of the show allegedly had not bothered to contact her parents.  McClendon’s mother claims that this violates child labor laws, and that the show should have obtained parental consent before allowing her daughter to appear on television.  

Mrs. McClendon says that her concern is that Banks’ show may have been watched by any number of sexual deviants and pedophiles, who now know who her daughter is and that she’s a sex addict.  She’s asking for $3 million in damages and for her child’s appearance to be removed from distribution of the episode in question.

Watch The New Hannah Montana Movie Trailer! OMG!

Well, kiddies, the appointed time is fast approaching…so Disney’s released the official trailer for the Hannah Montana movie. So much drama! Miley and Ty-Ty Banks have a shoe fight! Miley gets grounded! Miley has to pack away her busted weave! Miley makes everyone think Tennessee is one big farm! What Snarkista can’t wait for, however, is…how much face time will Snarkista Jr. have?! Guess we’ll have to go watch the movie in April like everyone else. Here’s the sneak peak!

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