Gabrielle Giffords not Planning an Immediate Return to Congress

Ten months after the shooting rampage that put Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on a slow, yet miraculous, road to recovery she and her husband Mark Kelly spoke with Diane Sawyer. Giffords struggled to find the words to answer Sawyer’s questions but – with the help of her husband – conveyed that she wanted to spend more time getting better. Since Giffords made a surprise appearance on the House floor this summer to cast a vote on the debt ceiling increase, people have speculated that she would make a return to politics.

Kelly has been documenting Giffords’ recovery – the initial days and weeks show her re-learning to communicate in the most basic forms, mis-naming a “chair” a “spoon,” but eventually she learned to speak and smile again.  When Sawyer asked if Giffords was angry about what happened to her, Giffords replied, “No, no, no. Life, life.”

The man arrested at the shooting pled not guilty to 49 charges stemming from the rampage. He’s being forcibly medicated with psychotropic drugs at a Missouri prison in an attempt to make him mentally able to stand trial.