Madonna’s fashion sense embarrasses her daughter

We may be well-accustomed to seeing Madonna’s bits and pieces hanging out everywhere, since she’s been doing it for three decades, but poor 14-year Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter, is getting to that age where seeing her mother’s parts on display is nothing but embarrassing. ├é┬áMother and daughter attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party, where Madonna wore an outfit that amounted to little more than a skimpy leotard and some fishnets, with a bit of transparent lace thrown in for good measure.

There was little left to the imagination, and as Madonna turned around and showed her partially bare rear end to eager photographers, Lourdes was heard complaining loudly and telling her mother to act like an adult. I don’t think that message will ever get through – Madonna will continue to dress however she wants until she finally drops dead of exhaustion, which probably won’t happen anytime in the next couple of decades at the very least.