The Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Episode 11: Catch Me If You Can (Video)

The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 11

“The Vampire Diaries” is back and there are spoilers to go along with it ahead of Thursday’s new episode.

In season 4 episode 11 we’ll find Jeremy angry at Klaus for manipulating him while threatening Matt’s life. Meanwhile Damon is going to try and help Jeremy prepare for the onslaught of Klaus’ new vampires but they’re about to be beat to the punch.

Later Sheriff Forbes will team up with the Mayor to interrogate Shane in an attempt to uncover the deaths in the Founders’ Council. When Bonnie gets involved Shane will fight back and push her to the limit of her power.

It won’t be over before a new surprising enemy appears and forces Elena to come up with her own plan to save Jeremy.

Check out the preview sneak peak below for TVD season 4 episode 11 “Catch Me If You Can” and then get ready for next Thursday!

David Archuleta’s New Video- Touch My Hand!

American Idol cutie-pie David Archuleta has released his latest video, for his fab single “Touch My Hand.” Exactly what all the girls want to do…then they wanna grab it and stuff him in their purses!! The vid was first released in Malaysia, hence the fun Asian stuff that pops up when you pause. Just proves that Archie is loved ALL around the world!

Jonas Brothers Announce World Tour Dates!

Squeals will ring out all over the world this summer as tween heart-throbs the Jonas Brothers MAY be coming to a stadium near them! The Bros announced their World Tour dates today via a video message, listing at least 50 dates in South and North America. As for European leg, an announcement is promised soon. Hang on, girls across the pond…they’ll be coming!

Prior to traveling across the globe for the roadshow, Jo Bros will be heading up to the Bahamas in mid March for a live appearance in the Atlantis as a precursor to their upcoming world tour. They will perform in the Bahamas on March 14 and in Puerto Rico on March 22. After that, they will be coming back to the Bahamas on April 18 and May 9 for other gigs.

“We are doing our best to hit as many places as possible,” so the threesome wrote on their MySpace regarding their world tour. “The new tour will include new songs from our new CD coming out this summer, as well as songs from our new TV show (J.O.N.A.S!).”
Moms, stay alert for ticket date announcements…they’ll go fast, and you do NOT want a heartbroken tween moping around all summer long.

An Idol Duet Featuring Carrie Underwood And David Cook!

Two of Snarkista’s fave American Idols, David Cook and Carrie Underwood hooked up a few weeks ago for a duet, doing the Fleetwood Mac classic “Go Your Own Way.” Classy Carrie illustrates why “Bikini Girl” got the ax early this season. Enjoy!!

NKOTB Jonathan Knight Gets Outed


Well, there was a lot Snarkista thought was a bit off about the New Kids On The Block’s comeback video featuring the old dudes fighting off all the beach babes. Props to the babes, however, for fab acting skills.

NKOTB Jonathan Knight, it seems, was REALLY acting! Yes- surprise, surprise, Johnny just got outed by The National Enquirer. He got popped with a Brazilian model, and not the Victoria’s Secret kind!

Kyle Wilker
is obviously feeling the global recession, so he sold his story and a couple of pictures to the tabs. Kyle told the Enquirer:

“We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me.”

Nothing says love like selling out to the Enquirer! Apparently, 80’s mall-tween turned FAIL Tiffany is responsible for this mess. Kyle said Jonathan realized he wanted dudes after dating her. Ouch! Might wanna put a headband on that, Tiff, they make GREAT tourniquets.

Obviously, Kyle is a scorned little twink, and Jonathan has moved on. No word if there will be a New Guy On The Cruise.