March 12, 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar As Cinderella In Princess Rap Battle (VIDEO)

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back, as she gets done up as Cinderella for the Princess Rap Battle video, where she takes on Belle and it is great! Belle is played by Whitney Avalon and both state their cases (and some pretty good rap skills) along the way! So, are you Team Cindy or Team Belle on this Princess Rap Battle??? Check out the Princess Rap Battle video below!

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March 9, 2015

Wheel of Fortune Fail: Contestant Doesn’t Know Seven Dwarfs (VIDEO)

If you are struggling on this Monday afternoon, maybe this Wheel of Fortune fail video will make you feel better about your life! This Wheel of Fortune contestant pretty much has the puzzle spelled out for her and just needs to name the seven dwarfs, but it doesn’t go as planned! Check out the Wheel of Fortune fail video below!

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