Bachelor Jake and Vienna Break Up: Ali Not Interested in Old Flame

Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi may have broken up, but that doesn’t mean rejected Bachelor contestant Ali Fedotowsky is interested in getting back on the Jake train.

Ali Fedotowsky of THE BACHELORETTE (ABC)
Ali Fedotowsky of THE BACHELORETTE (ABC)

Jake and Vienna have officially called off their engagement, their reps confirmed on Tuesday. The real reason why the two called it quits is still a matter of major speculation. Whatever the truth of the break up is, many fans of The Bachelor thought Jake Pavelka made the wrong choice in the first place when he picked Vienna Girardi as his winning suitor.

Ali Fedotowsky, who is now looking for love on The Bachelorette, was a fan favorite to win Pavelka’s heart on The Bachelor. Might Ali be interested in a second shot at Jake now that he’s single again?

Well, according to her, no way. “I’ve made a decision to move forward in my life,” Fedotowsky said, according to‘s Famecrawler. “That just wouldn’t be fair to the guys [on the Bachelorette], and it took some time, but I’m healed and moved on from Jake.”

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Bachelor Jake and Vienna Break Up: The Real Story?

News broke this morning that The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka and fiancée Vienna Girardi broke up, but why they called off their engagement is still a source of heavy speculation. Earlier gossip claimed Jake dumped Vienna after suspecting her of cheating with Greek actor Gregory Michael. The real truth is likely a lot more complicated.

Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on THE BACHELOR (ABC)
Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on THE BACHELOR (ABC)

Vienna Girardi adamantly denies she ever cheated on Jake Pavelka with anyone. “The accusations of me cheating are completely fabricated. 100% false,” Girardi said in a post on her Twitter feed. reported earlier in the day that sources claimed Jake Pavelka broke off his engagement to Girardi over suspicion she was hooking up with actor Gregory Michael.

Now the gossip site claims Girardi’s stepmother, Lisa, says Jake Pavelka was a “total fraud” just out for fame and was never in love with Vienna in the first place., on the other hand, claims Jake broke up with Vienna because she was too “needy” and didn’t give him enough space in the relationship.

Some sources claim Jake and Vienna broke up only in the last 48 hours, while others claim the split happened a month ago. Obviously no one really has any clue about what really went on between Jake and Vienna behind the scenes.

Regardless, Jake Pavelka said he was sad over the whole break up, calling it a “long story.” He also said he had recently spoken to Vienna and the former couple Vienna “will remain friends,” according to a video of the former Bachelor star on

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Bachelor Jake and Vienna Break Up: Vienna Cheating?

Bachelor Jake Pavelka and fiancée Vienna Girardi have broken up and called off their engagement, a rep for the couple confirmed on Tuesday. Now rumors are popping up that Jake may have believed Vienna was cheating on him.

Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on THE BACHELOR (ABC)
Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on THE BACHELOR (ABC)

“Jake and Vienna have split,” the former couple’s rep said in a press statement. “They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time.”

No official reason was given for the broken engagement, but rumor has it Jake Pavelka may have been experiencing some jealousy pains. claims sources have told them Jake thought fiancée Vienna Girardi had allegedly been cheating on him with Greek actor Gregory Michael.

Then again, we’ve seen a rumors circulating out there that it was Jake who was actually the one suspected of stepping out. Maybe Jake’s decision to take the gig on Dancing With the Stars just put too much distance in the relationship while it was still in the early stages.

Whatever the cause of Jake and Vienna’s break up, we kind of hope he might try to hook up with rejected The Bachelor contestant Ali – the girl we thought he should have picked in the first place!

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Bachelor Jake Sends Four Ladies Packing in One Night

The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka wasn’t playing nice on Monday night’s show. Pavelka sent a total of four hopeful ladies packing in one night in one fell swoop. Obviously, this bachelor has no interest in messing around with any girl he feels doesn’t quite match up to his ideal dream girl.

Bachelor Jake Pavelka (ABC)
Bachelor Jake Pavelka (ABC)

Jake Pavelka first sent home 30-year-old hair stylist Ella and 26-year-old flight attendant Kathryn. After a shared date with both ladies, he told Ella that although she was “truly the complete package,” he was “developing feelings that are just a little bit stronger for some of the other women.” As for Kathryn, Pavelka said his heart was telling him he was just not the guy for her.

As both girls exited, Pavelka threw the roses in the fire and said, “I know in my heart that neither Kathryn nor Ella was the right girl for me.” We kind of feel bad about Ella leaving, she honestly seemed like she might be a tiny bit more than a shallow, vapid, cardboard cutout excuse for a human being. Not something we can say about most of the other girls on the show.

The big shock came during the rose ceremony at the conclusion of the show. Jake Pavelka asked if he could choose to send home two more ladies instead of just one. Host Chris Harrison told him he could do what he felt was best.

Pavelka promptly sent home 25-year-old cosmetic sales manager Jessie and 25-year-old account manager Ashleigh. Oddly enough, Pavelka kept 25-year-old Vienna, a choice that annoyed some of the other ladies. “Why Vienna?” Jessie asked. “He shocked everyone in there… I think he’ll regret it.”

Four ladies get the boot (ABC)
Four ladies get the boot (ABC)

Ashleigh was seriously pissed by the choice, saying that if “he can’t see what kind of person Vienna is over me, then I pity him.”

We kind of have to agree there. We’d have booted Vienna out the first chance we got. That woman comes across as a viper just waiting to sink her poisonous teeth into someone.

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