Prince Vikings Purple and Gold Song Honors Minnesota Playoff Run

Pop icon Prince has penned a new song titled “Purple and Gold” in honor of the Minnesota Vikings playoff run. The Prince Vikings song debuted on Fox 9 in Minneapolis Thursday night. Prince said he was inspired to write the song after watching the Vikings beat the Dallas Cowboys last week.

Prince (Photo: Jimi Hughes from Ballymena, N. Ireland - Source:
Prince getting it on (Photo: Jimi Hughes from Ballymena, N. Ireland - Source:

“I saw the future,” Prince told Fox 9 of writing the song for his beloved Minnesota Vikings. The song title, “Purple and Gold,” was inspired, of course, by the team’s colors – and his own. Prince has long been known for his lavish attachment to the color purple.

The lyrics of “Purple and Gold” carry Prince’s hope his team will win this Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints and progress onward to the Super Bowl.

“We come in the name of the purple and gold/ All of the odds are in our favor/ No prediction too bold/ We are the truth/ If the truth can be told/ Long reign the purple and gold.”

While we think it’s sweet Prince would write and record a song in support of his home team, we’re still kind of hoping the Saints kick the Vikings butt. Yeah, flame away, but the Saints are our boys!

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