Justin Bieber narrowly escapes arrest

MTV‘s best new artist, Justin Bieber, had a near-miss with authorities last week when a water balloon incident got out of hand (sometimes the Bieber/womb jokes write themselves) and two Maryland state troopers were struck.  The incident occurred before Bieber’s concert at the Maryland State Fair in Baltimore.  As one might expect from a wealthy child allowed to do anything he wants, Bieber fled the scene and had one of his bodyguards talk the officers into not arresting the 16-year-old singer.

The officers not only agreed not to arrest him, they didn’t even file an incident report.  Justin Bieber is no stranger to pranks and antics, and he’s not always the perpetrator, either.  Recently there was an online poll where fans could vote for a location for an extra show on Bieber’s world tour, but pranksters took over the poll and flooded it with votes to send Bieber to North Korea.  Not a terrible idea, actually.