Justin Bieber not interested in girls

It’s the question that every pre-teen girl in the world is asking – is Justin Bieber looking for a girlfriend?  The answer from the embryonic pop star is a resounding no, according to an interview Bieber gave just moments after his win at the VMAs a few days ago.  He says that he’s too busy right now with performing and having fun, and that although he likes hanging out with girls, that’s all he can offer at the moment due to his hectic schedule.

I’m surprised at the maturity of this answer, as I was expecting something more along the lines of “ew, girls are yucky” or maybe some paranoid diatribe about his fears of a cootie epidemic.  He may be 16 now, but he’s just about the youngest 16-year-old on the planet.

Everyone going Gaga over the meat dress

Days after the MTV Video Music Awards, people are still talking about Lady Gaga’s meat dress.  And of course, that’s exactly why she wore it.  I’ve heard explanations ranging from “it’s a statement about the hypocrisy of meat-eating” to “it’s a statement about the world’s attitude toward women,” but really I think it’s just a statement about Lady Gaga’s desperate need for everyone to look at her.  She’d wear a disease-ridden raccoon around her neck if her publicist told her it would turn more heads.

I’m curious as to what happened to that meat after the VMAs were over – do you think she just hung the dress outside and waited for the vultures to come and devour it?  Actually, that’s mean, I shouldn’t talk about the paparazzi that way.  But it’ll be interesting to see what Gaga has to do next to get the cameras turned her way.  I’m hearing a lot of talk about how innovative she is – am I the only one who thinks these obvious ploys for attention are just a little pathetic?

Katy Perry shares her fitness secrets

In a revelation that is half boring and half bizarre, singer Katy Perry has said that the secret to staying slender and fit is jumping rope… and regular facials at the spa.  When talking about how she keeps her figure, Perry mentioned all the usual stuff, like staying away from fast food and keeping an active lifestyle.  She said that she supplements her already busy schedule with jump-rope sessions, but that she’s lucky because she’s young with a fast metabolism (who would have guessed that?).

The pop star went on to say that regular facials at the Ole Henriksen spa are part of her fitness and weight control regime, which seems like a strange thing to add on to that discussion.  Part of me wonders how much the spa paid her to say that, but perhaps it’s just Katy having a ditzy moment.  Or maybe the Ole Henriksen spa really does provide weight loss facials.  I’d hate to see what that entails.