Buffy movie to be made from the TV show

The circle of life is complete – there’s going to be a movie remake of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is going to be based on the TV show of the same name… which of course was in turn based on the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.

There’s nothing nailed down yet in terms of cast or a director, but one thing is for certain – Josh Whedon, creator of both the original Buffy film and the TV series, is not going to be a part of the new remake.  The script was written by an up-and-coming writer who used to be an actress, and with the help of Warner Bros, they’re going to try to recreate Whedon’s magic formula without Whedon.  Good luck with that.

The Hobbit to be made in New Zealand after all

After a lot of controversy and an elaborate plan B to film The Hobbit in the UK, it seems that the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be made in New Zealand, after all.  Warner Bros and Peter Jackson had been in talks with the New Zealand government to try to find a resolution to the labor union issues the production team was having with the New Zealand actors.

It’s unclear what they ended up agreeing to, but the New Zealand prime minister announced at a press conference that an agreement has been made, and that The Hobbit will be filmed entirely in New Zealand.  This is good news not only for the country’s promotional interests, but also for the thousands of New Zealand citizens working on the films.

Mother sues Tyra Banks for exploiting her child

Tyra Banks and her show’s parent company, Warner Bros Entertainment, are in a whole heap of trouble.  They’ve been sued by the mother of a 15-year-old girl who appeared on an episode of Tyra’s show that dealt with the topic of teenaged sex addicts.  

The girl, named Jewel McClendon, reportedly replied to a casting call and was flown out to participate in the show, despite the fact that producers of the show allegedly had not bothered to contact her parents.  McClendon’s mother claims that this violates child labor laws, and that the show should have obtained parental consent before allowing her daughter to appear on television.  

Mrs. McClendon says that her concern is that Banks’ show may have been watched by any number of sexual deviants and pedophiles, who now know who her daughter is and that she’s a sex addict.  She’s asking for $3 million in damages and for her child’s appearance to be removed from distribution of the episode in question.