Did Warren Beatty Really Sleep with 13,000 Women?

A new biography about Hollywood legend Warren Beatty claims the 72-year-old actor has slept with almost 13,000 women. Biographer Peter Biskind claims the aging sex symbol bedded “12,775 women, give or take” in his new book, Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America.

Warren Beatty and Madonna in 'Dick Tracy'
Warren Beatty and Madonna in 'Dick Tracy'

According to Biskind, Warren Beatty has probably slept with close to 13,000 women during his lifetime, “a figure that does not include daytime quickies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses and so on.”

Warren Beatty married actress Annette Bening in 1992 and the couple has four children. Prior to his marriage, Beatty is rumored to have romanced Hollywood beauties such as Jane Fonda, Joan Collins, Diane Keaton and dozens more. He has had confirmed relationships with such high-profile Hollywood ladies as Natalie Wood and Madonna.

Author Peter Biskind reportedly told the New York Post his biography of Warren Beatty was authorized, but the actor’s camp says otherwise. “Mr. Biskind’s tedious and boring book on Mr. Beatty was not authorized by Mr. Beatty and should not be published as an authorized biography,” an attorney for the star told the Huffington Post.

We think 13,000 women is probably a bit outrageous, although if you count all the various personas of Madonna – you might be able to make the math work. No doubt Beatty has had his fair share of the ladies during his lifetime, but a real gentleman never kisses and tells.

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It’s Gonna Be A Starry August In Denver

Denver, Colorado is going to look more like Hollywood during the Democratic National Convention this August 25-28th.

A-listers, movie moguls and other Hollywood movers-and-shakers are expected to turn out in droves to witness political star Barack Obama’s party coronation.

Convention sources tell NY Daily News that superstars Kanye West, N.E.R.D., Wyclef Jean and Usher are in serious talks to perform at the DNC blowout. There are always exclusive invitation-only events that are held while the Convention is in session, and this year looks like it will be no exception!

The Creative Coalition, a non-profit advocacy group that hosted parties for the Democrats in 2004, announced that the Black Eyed Peas are scheduled to perform at the DNC Gala at the Fillmore Auditorium on Aug. 27. Coalition Director Robin Bronk says:

The Black Eyed Peas represent a growing genre of music that emphasizes increased social awareness

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is coming for the Yoga Health Foundation’s festival, which begins the night before the convention. He plans to stay for the duration, saying…

I’m going to the DNC to add my voice to the growing collective consciousness I believe is rising in this country. I want to add my voice to this phenomenon that I believe is this country and the world’s only salvation: the promotion of love over fear.

Other A-list Democratic supporters who plan to join in on some of the festivities include Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson, Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, Warren Beatty and wife Annette Bening, Susan Sarandon, Kerry Washington, Dana Delany, Forrest Whitaker, Ed Norton and many more. Norton is working on a documentary about Obama.

So, about a month from now Denver is gonna be a GREAT place to star-search, no matter WHAT your Party affiliation is! Here’s hoping the papz will behave, and not turn the “Mile High City” into “Miles Long Gridlock”!

photo credit: ny daily news