More Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Videos, Nude Photos Revealed

The drama just keeps getting hotter. Turns out the controversial Carrie Prejean sex tape video everyone has been gabbing about isn’t the former beauty queen’s only X-rated appearance on film! Indeed, it seems the former Miss California USA made at least seven other sex tape videos – all of them solo performances – and posed for dozens of nude photos.


The revelation of more Carrie Prejean sex tapes comes from an investigation by The tabloid site claims they have uncovered seven more racy videos featuring Prejean, along with 30 nude photos – most of them seemingly taken by Prejean posing in front of a mirror.

So, apparently, Carrie Prejean allegedly repeated the “biggest mistake” of her life quite a few times, with gusto. If the claims are true, no wonder she decided to settle that lawsuit with Miss California USA, whom she claims fired her over her religious beliefs. Obviously she REALLY didn’t want them discussing her ‘beliefs’ about making porn tapes in an open court hearing!

Prejean’s attorney, Charles LiMandri, told her client will not be discussing the allegations regarding additional sex tapes. “Due to the confidentiality agreement which Carrie signed, she must decline to comment on any and all questions regarding a so-called ‘sex tape.'”

Of course, so far no one has actually revealed any hard proof of the existence of these additional XXX videos or nude pics, including But porn company Vivid Entertainment does reportedly have a copy of the original Carrie Prejean sex tape video and are ready to go public with it. They say it was legally obtained, according to, but want Prejean to sign off on it before they release it (yeah, right). The company also claims they have proof Prejean was not underage when she made the tape, as she has claimed.

“The third party that brought the tape to Vivid affirmed that she was over 18 years of age at the time it was made,” Vivid Entertainment President Steven Hirsch said.

We do want to stress, again, that so far there is no proof ANYONE out there really does have the sex tape video available to watch or download. Anyone claiming they do is probably lying through their teeth and just want your traffic on their website, to steal your personal info or to infect your computer with something nasty. So beware!

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