Whitney Houston Wardrobe Malfunction on ‘X-Factor’

Whitney Houston took another step on the comeback road with an appearance on Simon Cowell‘s X Factor on Sunday night. Despite a momentarily distracting wardrobe malfunction, Houston did her best to prove she’s still got the goods to reclaim her former fame.


Halfway through the performance of her new single, “Million Dollar Bill,” Whitney Houston suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction when the back strap of her dress snapped. Luckily for Houston, the dressed stayed plastered in place despite the mishap.

After attempting briefly to fix the dress, Houston plowed on through the song – to mix reviews. There’s no denying Houston can still rock it out, but compared to her heyday, she seems a pale shadow of her former self. Her bizarre and hesitating responses to questions after her performance on X Factor also left some fans questioning whether her admitted heavy drug usage in the past has permanently altered the singer’s behavior.

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