Whitney Houston Ex-Husband Bobby Brown Arrested for DUI

Whitney Houston‘s ex-husband Bobby Brown was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles Monday afternoon. Bobby Brown was pulled over in Reseda, CA just after noon and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

R&B singer Bobby Brown, 43, was stopped by police at 12:20 p.m. PST when he was spotted talking on a cell phone while driving without a hands-free device. The officer who pulled him over reportedly observed Brown seemed to be impaired.

California Highway Patrol officer Mike Harris said Brown was then given a field sobriety test and blew a 0.12 on the alcohol monitor, putting him over the legal limit. Following his failed test, Brown was arrested for driving under the influence. He was taken to a jail in Van Nuys, but was later released on bail.

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Whitney Houston’s behavior gets her banned from Prince concerts

Musicians generally like it when fans are enthusiastic, but when your fan is Whitney Houston and she’s high as a kite and demanding unreasonable things, you might make an exception.  Whitney is a devoted follower of Prince, and has attended several of his concerts on his current tour.

In line with claims that she’s had a big relapse with her drug and alcohol problems, Houston has been seen behaving strangely at the shows, trying to get the attention on her rather than the musicians.  In fact, Whitney has been harassing Prince’s people to let her join the band on stage, but they have declined because they said they don’t want her to embarrass herself.  After Whitney made one too many demands that Prince send her tickets to a show she wanted to go to, he finally had to draw the line and ban her outright.

Whitney Houston Wardrobe Malfunction on ‘X-Factor’

Whitney Houston took another step on the comeback road with an appearance on Simon Cowell‘s X Factor on Sunday night. Despite a momentarily distracting wardrobe malfunction, Houston did her best to prove she’s still got the goods to reclaim her former fame.


Halfway through the performance of her new single, “Million Dollar Bill,” Whitney Houston suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction when the back strap of her dress snapped. Luckily for Houston, the dressed stayed plastered in place despite the mishap.

After attempting briefly to fix the dress, Houston plowed on through the song – to mix reviews. There’s no denying Houston can still rock it out, but compared to her heyday, she seems a pale shadow of her former self. Her bizarre and hesitating responses to questions after her performance on X Factor also left some fans questioning whether her admitted heavy drug usage in the past has permanently altered the singer’s behavior.

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Whitney Houston Loses Voice on Good Morning America – VIDEO

Whitney Houston looked fabulous, but struggled with her voice during a much-hyped performance on Good Morning America on Wednesday. Appearing on Good Morning America, Whitney Houston couldn’t stop telling the gathered crowd how much she loved them. Obviously from the near-continuous screaming, they loved her right back.


Houston, who has allegedly fought to overcome severe drug and alcohol addictions, looked stylish, alert and in great spirits during her performance. Sadly, however, her voice didn’t match up with the positive attitude and the glam makeover.

Performing only three songs for the Good Morning America taping, Whitney Houston blamed a trying interview schedule for her shaky, cracking vocals. “I’m so sorry. I did Oprah,” Houston told the audience. “I’ve been talking for so long… I talked so much, my voice…”

Indeed, Houston’s amazing voice was little more than a throaty, off-key croak throughout most of her performance. We’d like to believe the diva when she says it’s all because of the talk shows. Unfortunately, there has been too much evidence of late that Houston’s voice is a permanently damaged ruin of the incredible instrument it once was.

Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer asked the question many Whitney Houston fans wanted answered: Why the comeback after all this time? Houston replied she was driven by “my faith, the love and support of my fans, which I do have. That’s basically what it is.”

Whitney Houston’s appearance on Oprah will air Sept. 14.

Watch the Whitney Houston on Good Morning America video below and let us know what you think – is it too late for a Whitney comeback?