American Idol 2012 Elimination Predictions: Top 7 Redux

No one is safe on the American Idol 2012 elimination results show Thursday night. Fans learned last week when former favorite Jessica Sanchez was suddenly thrown into the bottom spot that just about anything can and will happen when the voters speak. So who will get voted off American Idol 2012 on the elimination results show this week?

My American Idol predictions for the past few weeks have been totally wrong, which tends to drive me just a little bit nuts since I’m usually pretty on the ball with these things. So trying to make an American Idol 2012 prediction for the elimination results show on Thursday this week was troublesome, especially after the craziness of last week’s results.

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American Idol 2012 Recap: Top 7 Perform Again (VIDEOS)

On American Idol 2012 Wednesday night, the top 7 contestants will perform once again, but this time there will be no last minute save for the person who ends up at the bottom.

Last week on the American Idol 2012 elimination results show, petite powerhouse Jessica Sanchez was the shocked contestant who ended up ranked last by the voters. The judges, however, were not having any of that and cast their one and only save of the season to keep Jessica Sanchez in the competition.


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American Idol 2012 Spoilers: Top 7 Song List Released

The American Idol 2012 theme for round two of the top 7 is ‘Now and Then’. If you can’t wait to find out what songs the remaining contestants will be singing this round, we have the American Idol spoilers of the top 7 song list for you right here!

On American Idol tonight, the top 7 will perform again after the judges used their save last week to prevent Jessica Sanchez from going home. Each contestant will perform a song from ‘now’ and a song from ‘then’ — so one modern song and one classic song.


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American Idol 2012 Elimination Prediction: Who Will Make the Top 6?

Who will make it to the American Idol 2012 top 6 on Thursday night? We have our prediction for who will be going home on the American Idol elimination results show tonight and doubt it will be much of a shock to anyone. However, the voters are always surprising us and you can’t ever be quite sure what they will do…

Who will we say got voted off American Idol at the end of the night? Here’s our pick for the eliminated contestant of the night. Based on their overall track record on the show and their performances last night, here is our ranking of the contestants for the American Idol elimination results show this week:

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American Idol 2012: DeAndre Brackensick Says He Got Enough Chances

DeAndre Brackensick, the latest contestant to be voted off American Idol 2012, says he thinks he got enough chances to shine on the show and didn’t need to be saved again. After Brackensick was ranked last by voters, American Idol judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler refused to use their ‘save’ to keep him on the show, although judge Jennifer Lopez did give the young singer her vote.

In a phone press conference on Friday, DeAndre Brackensick said he loved how much support he received from the American Idol 2012 judges, even though they did not come together on elimination night to give him another chance.

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Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia Exit American Idol at Last

American Idol lost two of the show’s least impressive contestants last night when Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia were finally voted off. While we kind of had a fondness for too-generic Stevens, we weren’t surprised to see her get the boot. As far as Garcia goes, he should have been cut weeks ago and we think he should be grateful as hell he stayed long enough to go on the American Idol Live tour. 

Katie Stevens on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Katie Stevens on 'American Idol' (FOX)

There are still a few duds left to get rid of in the American Idol top 7, but losing Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia cuts down the crap factor considerably. We admit Katie Stevens actually has a nice voice, but it’s a voice that belongs on a backup singer, not a superstar. We did get a bit teary eyed watching her sob like hell after being cut though. That’s gotta hurt.

Andrew Garcia, we don’t feel so bad for. He’s consistently sucked on American Idol and deserved to get thrown off a long time back. He’s had maybe one performance that was decent and most of them were pathetic. Still, he did have class on his exit. “I’m still happy,” Garcia said. “Thank you guys.  I mean, I appreciate everything and I’m glad I’m here, I’m glad I’ve been through what I’ve been through.”

The best part of the evening was, of course, watching Adam Lambert kick it on stage. The laser effects were awesome, but the overwhelming smoke cloud on stage did make it a bit blurry to watch. We knew Lambert was a drama queen but wow! Still, we admire his style and that huge, fabulous voice. He still needs, however, to learn to not bounce around so much that he loses the fine edge of his vocal tone.

So who is going to get the boot next? We’re hoping Tim Urban will finally go despite some improvement the last few weeks. He just tortured us far too long this season. We’re thinking it might be Aaron Kelly next, since he’s splitting the ‘cute boy’ vote with Casey James and James is the better singer. Siobhan Magnus may finally get it though, since the girl vote is obviously going primarily to Crystal Bowersox.

Then again, Michael Lynche has been on the chopping block recently. If he doesn’t pull out another really great performance next time, he could find himself the next to take that long journey home.

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Why Was Michael Lynche Nearly Eliminated on American Idol Results Show?

American Idol contestant Michael Lynche lucked out big time last night when the judges decided to use their precious ‘save’ to keep him from being voted off the show. We’re glad Big Mike didn’t bite it, but we can’t help but wonder why the hell he was nearly cut in the first place?

Michael Lynche on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Michael Lynche on 'American Idol' (FOX)

The American Idol results show this week started off with all three remaining ladies receiving a pass through to next week. Naturally, we’re delighted that Crystal Bowersox retains her top status, but disappointed Katie Stevens didn’t at least land in the bottom three. It’s not that we dislike her; we just feel she doesn’t measure up against the better contestants. Not that Siobhan Magnus had a terrific week either; her performance for Lennon/McCartney night was mediocre at best.

Still, we didn’t really expect any of the three ladies to be sent home this week. What we were shocked about was the lineup of the guys in the bottom three. We knew things were getting dicey when perpetual bottom boy Tim Urban was placed in a group with Casey James – who is obviously a fan favorite. Michael Lynche, on the other hand, was put over in a group with Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia. Trouble brewing!

Okay, we can get that Michael Lynche might get a bottom three nod for his “Eleanor Rigby” performance this week. It was certainly not one of his best nights. But when we heard he had been voted off by the fans, we really were stunned. Of all the guys this season, Big Mike has proven he’s truly got the vocal chops and he can consistently perform on stage. Some of his performances have been the best of the season. It’s just scary that one night of wrongness could put Lynche below a near-talentless hack like Tim Urban or ultra-weak Andrew Garcia.

When the judges, after much passionate deliberation, announced they were going to grant Big Mike the save, we breathed a hefty sigh of relief. For a contestant like Michael Lynche to go home before Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia or Aaron Kelly would just be seriously painful.

We can’t help but feel America got it all wrong this week with the bottom three lineup. Not only should Michael Lynche never have been there, but Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly absolutely should have been in the bottom two. Urban because he’s sucked his way through the whole season and Kelly because his “Long and Winding Road” this week was torturous to listen to.

Just goes to show, however, that one bad week can make or break you on American Idol. Let’s just hope Crystal Bowersox doesn’t become the victim of one of those bad weeks now that the judges have lost their ability to save anyone else from elimination.

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