Susan Boyle proves she doesn’t lip-sync

Yesterday on The View, Susan Boyle gave a painful demonstration of what happens when you take amateur performers and shove them into situations that might make even the most skilled professionals a bit jittery.  Boyle was scheduled to sing her rendition of “O Holy Night” on the show, but apparently was not made aware that The View is a live broadcast and not a recorded one.

When Boyle encountered some vocal problems in the middle of her song, she simply stopped singing and asked if she could start again.  Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepard helped salvage the situation, but it was still incredibly awkward.  At least she proved she does her own live singing!

Barbara Walters Is Insane

John McCain stopped by “The View” today and had a grand old time with the hens! However, when John tried to explain what he means when he says we should stick to the Constitution, Whoopi got worried. Worried she might have to become a slave. What a dumbass! Barbara Walters saved Whoopi from looking like the BIGGEST dumbass, though, when she assured her that “we white folks will take care of you.” Holy KKK, Babs. Time for your nap and a big dose of Aricept.