FOX Promises Proper Ending After ‘Dollhouse’ Canceled

FOX is promising the sci-fi series Dollhouse will have a “proper ending” despite the announcement Wednesday the show will be canceled. After FOX put Dollhouse in the attic during November sweeps, speculation ran rampant the show would not make it to another season.


Dollhouse writer Maurissa Tancharoen posted a response to the announcement on Twitter Wednesday, saying, “Yes. Canceled. Sad but true.”

FOX will reportedly air all remaining episodes of the show starting on Dec. 4, with the series’ 13th episode serving as a finale. According to E! Online, the last episode will wrap up the series “in a significant way and give Joss enough time to wrap up the stories.”

Episodes five through 10 of Dollhouse will air in two-hour blocks on Dec. 4, Dec. 11 and Dec. 18. The final episodes will air on Fridays from Jan 8 to Jan 22.

Personally, we were fans of Dollhouse, but felt it never really reached its potential. Star Eliza Dushku never seemed to gel with her role and was rapidly transitioned into an almost secondary character to keep her out of the spotlight. (Which sadly, is where she belonged.) The plot had holes that never quite managed to get filled and it wasn’t until halfway through the show that it actually started to be more than a shallow shell. Too little, too late, it seems.

Ciao Dollhouse, we wish we could have gotten to know you better.

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